You can buy a lot of things in life, and I mean a lot of things. Whether you’re talking about a tricycle, an ice cream shop or even sex in Nevada, asides from any illicit ‘purchases’ that will go unspoken of…

What can never be bought is mental toughness, and not any kind of mental toughness, but Michael Jordan esque mental toughness. I’m talking about not only Jordan’s mental ruggedness, but also Larry Bird’s and Bill Russell’s, who legitimately beat the hell out of adversity in multiple ‘title fights’. Adversity was the the de facto public enemy number one!

Jordan always had a chip on his shoulder. He was cut from his high school basketball team; he was in the middle of the pack at North Carolina with 21 points a game;  when he came into the league, he couldn’t hit a jumper; he wasn’t “good enough” to beat Detroit. He was pissed off. He was an alpha male that made adversity his intangible bitch.

LeBron James? Wilt Chamberlain Syndrome. WBS. Always beloved. Was dubbed “The King” at age 16. The heated stove of adversity (no pun intended with ‘heated’) has only been propagated since July 8, 2010. Before that, LeBron had haters, but the haters weren’t as pronounced. Now James is criticized if he takes too long to breathe, as a deep exhalation of breath might be perceived as some kind of vague slight towards the city of Cleveland.

Tonight LeBron knotted a triple double, but it was a tasteless triple double. I’d like to compare LeBron’s triple double to a salad that consists of nothing but lettuce. No croutons, no dressing, additional vegetables…. just lettuce. There’s nothing really that wrong with lettuce. There’s a lot of water and fiber packed in lettuce, but it’s bland. LeBron’s triple double had no significant impact on game five because his lack of a scoring output — his shyness and allergic reaction to aggressive drives to the basket that once was thought of as LeBron James’s domain… all gone in two consecutive games, after he decidedly spoke out that game five would be the most important game of his life?

We’re at least going to bear witness to one more game in less than 72 hours in Miami on Sunday night. Dwyane Wade suffered a left hip contusion but returned to the game and played his ass off. I’m not sure, that as an objective viewer, that I can honestly say LeBron played his ass off — maybe this blog post is a product of a simple overreaction?

Or maybe LeBron is a victim of his own ego. He lacks the “chip on the shoulder” mindset MJ had. He doesn’t possess the venom Kobe [has].

Age: 26. Mental toughness: Age unknown.

LeBron James, how does the wall feel up against your back?


3 thoughts on “LeBron Can’t Buy MJ’s Mental Toughness

  1. Relatively young, the “killer DNA” may yet be forged in the fire, but if it hasn’t been by now…I guess we’ll all let these final two games play out but he raised the expectations with the “Decision” and the smoke machines/disco balls 24 hours later. Dwyane Wade lit up Dallas with a face after he hit a shot like he was ready to take everyone in the arena on. You feel he wants to win by 40. LeBron seems happy to win by 1…and with someone else carrying the load in crunch time. I don’t…know…why.

  2. its really normal to be compared if you too are good and have the same career or field. I think that would be a good news to Lebron because he is now being recognized as somewhat in line with the best basketball player history can offer, hehe

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