The power of the mind cannot be measured. It’s an underestimated facet of the body that people do not take into account when doing things that daunt them.

In addition to the weight training I do throughout the week, I complete a rigorous routine that all reroutes and leads up to the mind, emanating from the mind, reinforcing the idea of training the body as well as training the mind. Confused? Don’t be.

All training should be meant to keep muscle (all muscles, including respiration ones) as strong as we can so they can protect our joints from excessive force damage but also create whatever movements we need to execute in life. When you train how like that, the muscles that are being used are contracting as fast as they can. I try to create the most amount of force I willingly can each time. So the picture in my head when I do simulation compounds was that I had a 115 pound barbell and was trying to curl it for a minute. It would take the same amount of intensity and recruitment mentally to accomplish that.

The whole reason I am writing about this is to speak up about how you do not need weight to elicit a response in your body. You can get and will get very, very strong and powerful with nothing more than your mind and determination. So, the movement is for biceps, triceps, abdominals, lower back, hamstrings, feet and pretty much every muscle in one’s body has tow ork together in order to accomplish a move done in the mentioned fashion. What will end up happening is because of all the movement at the greatest joint angle a person can handle. Joint problems, if present, will disappear or at least be relieved. In my opinion there is no such thing as joint wear and tear as we age. It’s our muscles inability to absorb force that allows force to go where it is not designed to be absorbed like ligaments, vertebrae and joints.

How I look is 80% from my eating and lifestyle. This training is so I am able to absorb the forces of life to prevent injury and do whatever I feel like doing without a problem.

As for looking ridiculous, I’d do it in public in excessively awkward movements just to have ample opportunity to tell people to fuck off.

Pardon the language.


4 thoughts on “Operation Bustin’ Ass

  1. How does genetics and heredity factor into your equation? What percentage of how we look are we “destined” to live with regardless of mind/body work? Your opinion on the “cards we are dealt with” from where and whom we came from?

    1. I don’t believe into the genetics hype at all. It has all seemed to be part of an excuse among our American society for people to settle and fabricate reasons as to why they are in certain dispositions. Notice I’m speaking of genetics, not medical conditions that may have a direct effect on metabolism (i.e the thyroid or diabetic complications).

      It’s never been impressive at all to me to hear that someone used to be in shape or used to run all these marathons and be this lean and that strong. “I used to do crossfit four days a week and was strong as hell and now I can’t lift my arms because of tendinitis in my elbows and shoulders. I ran four marathons and used to be a size 2, now I can’t sit for more than 20 minutes without pain and I’m 50 pounds overweight.

      I hear it all the time and I stop people in their tracks because what was reality then is not today. Do we get weaker every day? Yes. It just means we work harder as we age. Nothing makes me happier in the nutrition and strength training ‘business’ than people getting stronger as they age. Springsteen’s Glory Days only works for chicks/dudes and sports, but for health it’s a sad story.

      In this case, genetics determine only where fat will be stored (chest, belly, thighs, buttocks, etc.). As for when and how body fat is stored, that is a case of a caloric energy balance on a consistent (and hopefully slow, healthy) basis.

      You could find me a person with the most screwed up out of shape body that has relatives all around who are in awful shape, and I guarantee you that over the case of a year or even two, with a rigorous strength and resistance training routine paired with a proper caloric deficit consisting of balanced macros (fats, carbs and protein), that person will look excellent, no matter if they are 70 or 20.

      It’s all about dedication and know-how.

      There’s a guy who’s a frequent member of the internet bodybuilding community — he’s in his late 60s or early 70s (never met him, but I want to, because he’s an inspiration) and he was overweight his entire life. Gets into his mid-60s, and after being sick of all the superfluous medications that he’s on (blood pressure pills and statins), started a rigorous workout routine that he’s been doing ever since. He’s an absolute monster now, and he even competes………….in his late 60s/early 70s!

      Another example — a guy who lives in my town had a stroke a few years ago, and yet for the past three straight years, every SINGLE day (rain, wind, snow, sleet, hail, doesn’t matter) he goes outside and runs.

      Whenever I see people like the guys I mentioned above doing that, I’m instantly inspired. Whenever I wake up and don’t feel like busting my ass, I remember what these guys are doing and remind myself to stop making petty excuses and just do it. It’s worth it. Taking control of the body is absolutely gratifying and even stress-relieving.

      I need to copy and paste this into a blog post maybe! Long comment!

    1. The mind will without question elicit a response from the body in any given situation depending on what you are feeling at a certain time.

      If I do a 5 one-minute work/one-minute rest leg presses, I will develop strength (hell, anybody will).

      If the motionless foot’s heel is elevated and the other leg I am moving is dorsiflexed (or toes pulled to the knee as tightly as I can when I bring the moving leg up), there is no way my swinging foot should ever hit the ground. Strength is built.

      As for building muscle, resistance training is without question absolutely needed, but what would be even more important is what’s being shoveled down the ‘ol piehole.

      Thanks for the comments!

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