BYU’s Jimmer Fredette is overrated.

BYU plays in the Mountain West against a bunch of forgettable, nameless, talentless jokes (yes, I harshly went that far).

Jimmer Fredette is like the poor man’s Adam Morrison. He plays against a bunch of otters, has an offensive game that shines against the aforementioned talentless jokes and a mediocre defense that is well hidden behind BYU’s offensive facade.

I had Wofford beating BYU in the opening round of the tournament, but the internet darling Fredette lived another day.

I’m sure this kid is a really nice guy, but BYU would be crushed in the Big East.

I am completely turned off by massive hype. You can’t be a great basketball player and not play defense. He is going to find himself on an NBA team’s bench near you. That’s his kismet.

He’s a media-made story. He’s a fad. He goes on a streak for three weeks. He has a catchy name, somebody writes a song, and suddenly he’s amazing. He’s the pet rock, he’s fondue, he’s goldfish in high heels, he’s the cabbage patch kid.

We’re going to look back in twenty years from now and go, “WOW! What were we thinking about the Jimmer?” And it’s amazing more people can’t see it. His game isn’t even close to being well rounded. He’s short and stocky and will be in a league (the NBA) where that means, “Thanks for flying United. Hit the end of the pine!”

His NBA potential is limited, and as a college player, he’s overrated. We hear about how great the Mountain West Conference is, and San Diego State played in front of a home crowd of 35,000 back in the tournament against a team that had to travel 3,000 miles and lost. What a joke.

Overhyped and overrated. Get over it.


19 thoughts on “BYU’s Jimmer Fredette is as Over-Hyped as They Come

  1. FYI, I wrote this (these?) post(s) back in March.

    A bit harsh? Yes. The news about Ricky Rubio being signed by the Minnesota Timberwolves reminded me of Fredette.

  2. That’s ok. ESPN’s Colin Cowherd is on a one-man crusade to crucify Jimmer playing in the NBA every chance he gets. Each time lockdown defense is displayed in the big league his thoughts race to Fredette trying to get off a shot. First off, when you don’t mind shooting from half-court you’re gonna get shots. Secondly, if you don’t play defense you’re well-rested and gonna get shots. He is a media creation but also a pretty good baller, albeit one-dimensional. I compare it to being a college QB versus a pro one. Most great college QB’s won’t even see the taxi squad in the pros. Same goes for many great college basketball players. Great college story but deep bench player at the next level. Adam Morrison is the BEST possible comparison we have in recent times.

  3. This is DI basketball! You don’t lead the Nation in scoring by 5pts per game based on hype. Have you ever watched Jimmer play? He was on another level and had his best games were against better opponents. Jimmer is the best PG in this years draft and one of the best players we have seen at the Collge level in years. He will prove everyone wrong very soon starting this week at the Combine. Look what he did to Wofford and then Gonzaga! His only “off” game of the entire season Florida, where he had his way anytime he wanted.

    Troy, You are apparently not qualified to have an opinion as you obviously don’t know the game of basketball or talent!

    1. and comparing Fredette to Morrison couldn’t be more wrong. Jimmer is much more NBA than College! Jimmer is a much more complete player than Morrison was.

      1. Sounds like somebody is a little angry or perhaps taking basketball, or sports in general, a little ‘too’ seriously. Killerbees, would you like to cue the violin? One of the best players we have ever seen at a college level? Excuse me, but I think the kid would have been absolutely dominated in college 20 years ago. College basketball is diluted in 2011. Everyone is playing one year and leaving the next. He would have been just another joke back then. Besides, he’s one dimensional. He’ll be a good bench warmer, coming in and hitting the occasional 3. He doesn’t give any effort on defense and his passing is poor.

        Killerbees, please take the emotions out of it.

      2. By the way, Killerbees, it’s also funny that his alleged ‘only off game’ was against Florida, a game that counted more than any other game all season long. Strong prospective NBA talent right there! The leadership is just brimming with this guy!

        Oh wait, the true ‘leader’ that rocked the tourney was a guy by the name of Kemba Walker.

  4. Troy,
    Every game Kemba had in the tourney was poor, go look at his stats, even the night Jimmer was off against Florida, Kembas numbers were worse, yes, UCONN won, thanks to Lamb! Kemba did have a good Big East tourney. Jimmer was more impressive in the MWC tourney but Jimmer was not surrounded by talent.

    Jimmer one dimensional? He can score from anywhere, is a GREAT passer (too bad his team mates couldn’t finish) he has incredible basketball IQ and court vision, incredible first step and speed, his creativity, balance, strength and athleticism are off the charts and his defense is better than given credit for, did you watch him in 2009/2010 (when he was also one of the best players in the nation? He was not asked to play “D” in 2011 his job was to score and win games and no other player in the Nation could do so like Jimmer.

    He absolutely demolished Williams and Leonard (2 top 10 draft prospects) and most of his best games were aginst better teams with NBA prospects and long athletic opponents. No one could stop him, ask Alford and Fischer!

    and I said one of the best we have seen in years, not ever.

    Jimmer will test in the top 3 in every category this week at the Combine where he can prove to all the naysayers that he is athletic. I have watched every BYU game and have followed Jimmer since HS, I watch the NBA and Jimmer will have no problem being an impact player, a starter inside 2 years and an eventual All Star.

    1. Watch Kemba play, then watch Jimmer. It’s like day and night. I’d have to see evidence of this “GREAT” passing by Jimmer as well as this athleticism, speed and strength that you mention.

      He wasn’t asked to play defense in 2011? I hope that in this day and age that coaches don’t have to ask their ‘star’ player to play defense.

      I’d like to see Kemba in the Mountain West. I think the entire conference would fall to its collective knees. Jimmer in the Big East?

      Killerbees, care to make a silent pact? If Jimmer becomes an all-star and ravishes through the Association, I will write a very descriptive, 500-700+ word post about how phenomenal he is and how wrong I was. Deal? Even more, bookmark my blog and come back to remind me. Taunt me, if you will. I insist.

  5. I enjoy this passionate debate about Jimmer. Many folks are going to be having the same conversation with the draft lottery concluded…already the talk is where and whom will take him. Thoughts on that?

    1. I can’t help but think that this year’s draft class is dismal compared to drafts in the past. Kyrie Irving barely played last year in his sole season in Durham and I haven’t seen enough of Derrick Williams to really say much about him.

      As for Kemba Walker, he’s like a 5’10 point guard who will be stuffed — excessively — every time he tries to toss up a floater in the lane.

      Maybe I’m being too down on this year’s draft class, though!

  6. Combine results are in: Jimmer faster and stronger than Walker and Knight, already knew he was a better shooter! Those results are there as well. You are correct watching Walker and Jimmer is like day and night, the boys from SDSU who played both Walker and Jimmer said they would much rather guard Walker, those quotes are there as well. You are going to be very surprised when you see Jimmer in action in the NBA as it’s obvious you only watched him play once or twice, he’s the real deal. Get ready for more Jimmermania! You are going to get Jimmered!

  7. Look specifically at the agility test, the area where Jimmer is most doubted! and you doubted his strength as well, 14 reps at 185lbs, look at the rest of the guards! Vertical is respectable as well as sprint.

  8. Jimmer posts stats such as lifting 185 pounds, fourteen times, compared to the rest of the guards in a weak draft class — let’s put him in the Hall! 😉

    Jimmer — really nice kid, but I absolutely cannot imagine him playing at the standards you are prophesying.

    Remember the bet I proposed a few comments up. Please bookmark this post and come back when the time comes (Visit ANY time you’d like; I actually like your company here — you don’t throw insults unlike a lot of disgruntled people). I promise the site will be up and I will not shy away from admitting if I’m wrong.

  9. Good enough Troy. Thanks. I am not the type to insult, just a huge Jimmer fan and I have followed him a long time and expect him to exceed expectations as he has done his whole life. He did it again at the Combine testing higher than both Walker and Knight in the area he was doubted the most.

    Should be fun to watch. I have your page book marked.

  10. Yeah it seems that there’s a little bit debate going on here,hehe. An avid Jimmer fan and an author who I think is just expressively expressing his opinion and what he thinks the words to describe how Jimmer plays or performs in a game. But, I think this dispute is already settled,hehe. Good for you guys, you did not throw any hurtful or rude words to each other,hehe. Since were on sports, so you guys have sportsmanship,hehe, lol

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