The Miami Heat haters of the world are outrageous. They are making me chortle harder and harder, day by day, and I’m a Celtics fan!

Typical Heat hater vociferation: “Herp derp! LeBron James ain’t gonna prove his’uhh validation for leavin’uhh cold-ass Cleveland for beautiful Miami till he wins seven rings with Dwyane Wade!”

Stop it. Stop holding LeBron accountable for an innocuous phrase he emitted during a silly, cheesy press conference that was emotionally fueled by excitement and anxiousness.

When you get married, you say till death you two part, yet 50% of marriages end in divorce.  The diatribes across the internet that are consumed with hateful convictions are absolutely atrocious to read but incredibly fun to poke fun at. Where’s the positive reactions?

Remember… if you resent success, you will never achieve it.


5 thoughts on “The Heat are Going to Win Seven NBA Titles? People, Please Stop

  1. OMG. Troy. I went looking for you when I came back to WordPress last month but could not locate or figure out where you “were.” So cool you still are blogging away. I am so ready to talk St. Louis Rams. I am going to the Blogroll to add your link. I subscribed to your Blog already. Made my day. Heat Haters are killing me. ESPN setting new serious journalism bar high talking all day about if the Heat celebrated too much.

    1. I hope the Heat haters know that a LeBron title celebration will be on ABC on a television set near them!

      The fact that Wade and LeBron came together over their collective desire to take down the Celtics makes me feel proud of the men in green! They accomplished a serious goal, and for them to celebrate like that, after facing almost insurmountable obstacles along the way, I am proud of those two guys and honestly hope they continue their run.

      By the way, completely irrelevant note: I’m still hating on the Cubs! Not as much as I was back in 2008 (because they haven’t been relevant since!), but the Pujols hug from the other day has ignited some angst.

  2. That hug has received world wide attention. The guy is awesome both on and off the field and if St. Louis isn’t gonna step up and give him the deed to the city someone’s gonna be very, very happy with him. Changing gears, I am trying to show one Celtic fan at a time the Heat celebrated so much because the Celtics are so respected as being clutch. It was shocking to see them breakdown at game’s end on a couple of occasions but I admittedly don’t give the Heat D as much credit as I should…but I still have to say coming out of time outs you should be able to run a play. The deal made over the amount of celebrating the Heat did was only because there was no Royal Wedding to cover, I guess…

  3. I loved to read this, so many emotions written in the post,hehe.. about Lebron.Yeah because of his sudden transfer from his old team, Cleveland and now to Heat. but, I don’t somehow understand the part of marriage. Why is it here included?

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