I’m an abhorrer of the Lakers. I cannot stand their star shooting guard or their ugly as hell purple and yellow jerseys. Their jerseys look like Barney just shit a giant yellow Starburst.

Even though the Celtics and Spurs will no longer be contending for the NBA championship in 2011, I’m a complacent man. The Lakers are finished, too, and so is the run that is their three consecutive NBA Finals appearances. This year NBA fans won’t be obligated to look at Pau Gasol’s grotesque facial hair or hear about how damn resilient Kobe Bryant is when he’s shooting turn around jumpers 15 feet from the basket.

But Kobe Bryant is resilient. He now has a chip on his shoulder. People are saying that he CAUSED the Lakers to lose their series to the Mavericks (hogwash!); he no longer has the ability to be a number one scoring option; his new domain is the dirt because his game is sludgier than mud.

All of that is being verbally projectile vomited across the web by pessimistic Lakers fans and overzealous Lakers haters. I’ve watched the Lakers enough over the years to accept the fact that they will come back stronger than ever before you know it. No matter how illicitly you think of how they acquired Pau Gasol from Memphis, they’ll find a way to strengthen their team as time ensues. Their core organization is all about winning, and just a little bit of letting up causes a big uproar in the entire Lakers fanbase. I love the uproar, but I hate the backlash that is the usual resiliency.

Some people picked the Mavericks to take down the Lakers, but I don’t think anybody honestly prophesied a 4-0 sweep and a final game to end in a blowout that gave Lakers haters like yours truly a reason to prod them and dub them as “quitters”.

Kobe Bryant knows what LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Co. are up to. He hears about it. His offseason has begun early for the first time since 2007. He doesn’t like his offseason ending early. He told the media that the 2010-2011 season was a wasted year of his life. Strong but truthful words. He’s devoted to spending the entire offseason strengthening his core and evolving his game in a way to solidify his strengths and gain enough physical strength to fend off the natural effects of basketball”s ‘dog year’ aging.

I would be willing to bet the Lakers will be an even stronger team next season, even without Phil Jackson. Pau Gasol’s testicular fortitude has been called into question over his piss poor performance against Dallas, and the rest of the team is noted to not even have the said ‘testicular fortitude’. They need help at the point — defending the point, rather. Fortunately for the Lakers, the NBA is a guard-driven league and finding a point guard to defend and play rough shouldn’t be too big of a task. Not to mention Chris Paul comes off the shelf eventually.

Enjoy the rest of the playoffs, Lakers haters.


One thought on “Enjoy the Rest of the Playoffs, Lakers Haters

  1. Your first paragraph is funny, makes me wanna explore and read more what the other paragraphs can say. I never thought that Lakers look like Barney in their jersey,hehe.. Yeah, I also agree even though Lakers did not reach the finals this season, they will surely recover next year. And I believed that victory is sweeter the 2nd time around.

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