In a little less than an hour from now, the Celtics and the Heat will take the court for what would be a potential close out game for Miami, as they are merely one win away from reaching the Eastern Conference Finals.

Look out, LeBron haters — check your local listings: a LeBron championship will be appearing on your satellite/cable-fueled television set in about a month from now. Brace yourself.

I keep reading these blogs that vociferate, “Ohhh, the Celtics neeeeeed to show up!”

The Celtics have been showing up. With canes. The Miami Heat are more athletic than the Boston Celtics and have simply been playing with a pissed off chip on their shoulders, while the Celtics are old, decrepit, worn out, tired and unable (kinda like the way San Antonio was against Memphis in the first round).

A dogfight it shall be tonight in the American Airlines Arena in Miami.


One thought on “Is it the End of the Road for the Celtics?

  1. Hilarious, brief yet true comparison of Celtics and Miami. I hope some committee or player of Celtics read this kind of posts about their team so that they can notice their weakness and change it if they really want to improve their game and make their fans proud of them again.

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