Short answer: Nothing

Long answer: ignore their collective ages and man up the best way they can: the same exact way they have been doing it since 2007 — playing defense via the cohesive unison of “Ubuntu!”

LeBron James is playing like a pissed off basketball player and Dwyane Wade is playing just like the way he’s always played (absolutely, positively amazing). They are running full force at the Celtics’ defenders, and Boston can’t do anything about it except watch and say “Oooh, ahhh, wowww”. As a basketball fan, it’s awesome; as a Celtics fan, it sucks!

I’m waiting for Kevin Garnett to play like he did in game 4 against the Knicks. Because the Heat are a completely different (and better) team than the Knicks, that’s probably not going to happen. Not only that, but also because Garnett is playing like he’s older than dirt.

Ray Allen says the Celtics aren’t worried, but they have to be. They are down 0-2 against Wade and LeBron’s team. Being worried is a must.

The only option they have on Saturday night is to win, otherwise the season is officially down the drain.


2 thoughts on “What the Celtics can do to battle the Heat

  1. Celtics are probably cooked, I would put the blame on Rondo’s timidness to shoot his mid-range jumper which would open up some driving lanes for him once the Heat had to guard him from further than 10 feet from the basket. KG has played well, completely shut down Bosh both games.

    1. I know what you mean. Rondo has also passed out on a horde of layups. Going back to KG — I love the guy, but he’s consistently displaying his past-prime play. He can’t keep up with Wade or LeBron when they get close (then again, who can?), so the Heat have been absolutely destroying the Celtics without a use in Bosh (who I could’ve believed was traded during halftime the other night!).

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