That’s the only word I need to use. The Miami Heat are overpowering the Boston Celtics and that’s why they are up 2-0 in the Eastern Conference semi-finals.

The Celtics are like a Volkswagen Beetle while the Heat are like a monster truck.

Dwyane Wade is like a Maserati and LeBron James is a Ferrari.

The Celtics look tired and worn out while they chase the two guys above all over the court. Rajon Rondo is being knocked down, Ray Allen’s ankles are being broken and Kevin Garnett is standing behind watching Wade hit uncontested trick shots under the rim.

Maybe the Celtics will brace up in the TD Garden.


One thought on “The Heat are Overpowering the Celtics

  1. Very very quickly.Weve heard a lot about the way the Celtics have struggled to allow Rajon Rondo control of the team but what we havent heard a lot about is that Rondos control . Green Street Danny Ainge said I saw something in the Miami series where Kendrick Perkins and KG and Glen Davis that were arguing over something over a pick and roll coverage is what I thought it was and then here came Paul came in and they were still kind of debating.

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