If you are an American taking off work tomorrow so that you can watch the Royal Wedding, I’m automatically judging you as a royal dumbass.

Some woman, somewhere in America, asked her employer if she could have the day off tomorrow for the wedding that’s deemed so royal. Her employer basically said, “Fuck no”. The woman’s retort was to simply quit.

Let’s get this straight: an American woman quit her job just to be able to watch a couple of hours’ worth of an irrelevant (to any and every American citizen) wedding. Wow.

I was already starting to doubt people, but this pushes the envelope even further. The age of the internet, eh?

There is so much knowledge and information scattered across the web…..so few people use it.

Idiots like I mentioned in the example above make me want to drink, and I don’t even know why I care.


One thought on “People: A Pathetic State of Attrition

  1. Yeah you’re right Troy, but you forget to mention if that woman is an old lady or someone who doesn’t know how to use the Internet. Maybe she’s an old fan of the royal family. If she’s younger, yeah, she’s indeed dumb or just perhaps have memory problems.

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