I have been anticipating the NBA playoffs ever since February, when Melo was traded to New York. Because of every major market having a team that was attractive to watch play (stars influencing marketability), I knew the playoffs were going to be the best since the Michael Jordan era.

They have been a blast.

The problem? Conspiracy theory lovin’ dudes out there are calling the NBA playoffs a big sham because of the Hornets/Lakers and Grizzlies/Spurs series. Their theory is that David Stern is coercing the refs to help ‘liven’ up the first round. I think that’s bullshit, and I’ll tell you why.

Watch the games. Three words. That’s my retort. Watch the games, and you will see why the Hornets are giving the Lakers a tough go and why the Grizzlies are up 3-1 on the Spurs. Chris Paul is literally running around in circles on the Lakers’ defense and the Grizzlies are out-hustling the Spurs with their younger, stronger, faster players. There is no sham, but there is basketball being played.

Take the Philadelphia 76ers, for instance. They were down 3-0 to the Miami Heat, and in a close game 4, down by 6 with hardly a minute to go, Evan Turner hit a tough floater driving around the baseline and Louis Williams hit back to back 3 pointers to give Philadelphia the lead that they would not relinquish. That’s basketball.

People like to add a controversy to everything that is good to spice it up with a little drama. I’m pretty sure those same people had crappy childhoods and feel as if they cannot live without drama, and I suggest that those same people take lessons in therapy.


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