Whole grains a staple in a human’s diet (as recommended by the food pyramid) at 6-11 servings? What a joke!

These ‘whole grains’ will cause all the same health problems that 6-11 servings of potato chips or pure sugar will do to you.

I think it depends on where someone is at metabolically. Some people may not even be able to have a sandwich, two cups of berries or a natural morning smoothie without setting off a bomb. They may have to only have vegetables as their carb intake and no frit for about ninety days to get them to be able to make an attempt.

But everyone is different. You are different than me. So two slices of bread, even sprouted Ezekial bread, and fruit may be too much for a person.

I know my cousin is working with a nutritionist, or was, and it was interesting because the nutritionist is right on how we think and her recommendation to my cousin was 1/3 protein from animal sources, 1/3 fat from good sources (eggs, butter, coconut oil, cashew butters, etc.) and 1/3 carbs entirely from veggies and some fruit.

I’m pretty sure I’m getting the above numbers correct. But if someone is at a point where they are satisfied with their body fat percentage, then sprouted grain bread a couple times a week here and there shouldn’t do anything. And you’ll know if it does because your bodyfat percentage will rise. I have no idea what weight will do; it doesn’t really matter unless someone else used in conjunction with body fat percentage.

And then when someone does get to where they want to be, whatever the goal, they can do popcorn at a movie or soda at lunch with friends, but it’s when we compound multiple days in a row, or maybe multiple meals, with skipping meals being bad, and can catch up and snowball into something out of control.

I’m pleased with my body fat percentage now so strawberries and blueberries in the morning and Ezekiel bread at lunch or dinner and one day of the weekend to do whatever the hell I want keeps me where I’m at.

If I wanted to go lower then I’d have to nix the bread and see where I go, then nix the weekend blitz, and then fruit.


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