C.C. Sabathia, New York Yankees pitcher, as well as full-time junk food enthusiast that pridefully displays his love for edible crap evident by his belly, has cut Cap’n Crunch out of his daily diet.

This guy just represents the case of another professional athlete who’s clueless when it comes to nutrition. I remember when Chad Johnson/Ocho Cinco was going on and on a few years ago about having McDonald’s every day for breakfast (heh, maybe that’s why he acts like a childish android whenever dealing with the media) and how it didn’t make him gain weight. Food is interesting and I’m always drawn to write more about food and nutrition on TSTOS because there’s so much bullshit information out there, and I like to debunk and rectify bullshit.

So, C.C. Sabathia cut out Cap’n Crunch and fixed his diet up a little bit. How much Cap’n Crunch?

Every day, a whole box’s worth, at 7:15 in the morning. 1700 calories.

Holy Jesus, somebody call Moses and let’s get to dancin’.

I’m surprised that C.C. Sabathia never has suffered a myocardial infarction. Talk about a carbohydrate/sugar rush. His pancreas and liver must have taken a toll over the years. Sheesh. Who knows how long he’s been doing this.

If some of these athletes were to actually eat a diet that has a better nutritional makeup, I wonder how much their actual performance would improve by.


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