So I’ve trained a person (Girl A) at school two times but filled her head with my training/nutrition shit more times than she’d like…

But she told me the other day that after doing a bunch of strength work – that included bodyweight squats, iso lunges for three minutes, glute ham for three minutes total, as well as rebounds for the upper half – she made her way over to the “ab” area to not do various forms of crunches but supermans.

As she was walking over another girl (Girl B) had nabbed her and wanted to do “core” work with her. Girl A said to Girl B, who had just gotten off of the elliptical after a nice 45 min. low impact waste of her time, that she may not want to do her core work because it’s going to include something that consists of 300 repetitions straight.

Girl B just said she would do her own, but then proceeded to talk Girl A’s ears off about how it’s sort of unfair that Girl A can train how she does because she’s lean and small but Girl B has to do more cardio instead of strength because she genetically has more body fat and has to work harder than Girl A. Girl A, knowing exactly how to respond to that one chose not to but instead just banged out 300 supermans straight without talking and then did some side plank shit only because Girl B wanted to as a means of ridding love handles.

Earlier this morning I was doing thirty second iso pushups, pulling as hard as I could into position followed by thirty altitude drops with only 3# bent over rows. My heart rate after the first set was 186 with a 10 count measure.

‘Has nothing to do with the exercise – it’s the effort. Your choice of exercise should be one that eliminates patterns, creates balance between right and left and front and back of your body, and builds lean mass while reducing inflammation in every joint.


2 thoughts on “Build Lean Mass and Destroy Inflammation

  1. “Your choice of exercise should be one that eliminates patterns, creates balance between right and left and front and back of your body, and builds lean mass while reducing inflammation in every joint” – would love to get more specific insights on this…

    1. Hello Thor, nice to see you.

      Honestly, this is stuff I picked up listening to Jay Schroeder talk directly to us when I was licensed to do his system. Hearing him indirectly train someone else and picking up on things or hearing through two or three other sources from Jay about how to do things and why. His reasons just made sense to me and then I would hear it or read it in an article about the parasympathetic nervous system or breathing techniques used to reduce stress, or emotions and their effect on our health articles from ND’s. But I also do not believe anyone unless I can see it for myself because how the hell can I tell anyone to do anything if I haven’t put myself through it first, training wise at least and nutritionally? So I’ll do it, but pour myself into it heart and soul and diligent and consistent to notice changes. I pay attention to everything my body is telling me and notice it all from frequency of naps, times I get up the first time, how foods are digested, and energy levels before during and after training.

      Also working with the ARP and seeing things happen first hand that other sources would not think possible and then deriving from that and hybridizing to see what kind of adaptation I can make in myself. One of my buddies and I would experiment with things all the time in our old gym, or we would test things out on clients and see how it would go after we would do it. He would have some things from Pavel, and others that we’d try out together but he’d bring it to my attention.

      Mostly it’s just trying a whole bunch of different shit myself and then noting how I feel. I used to run for fitness, noticed what happened; I used to do pyramids for upper and lower, I did a no sitting strength program where every lift was on two feet, I did a push up pull up Russian underground body building program, I did five minute iso.’s only for a good amount of time, I did the “best” fat burning cardio interval training regimen three times over, I did Impulse only work, I did nothing but ARP for 21 days,

      I’ve trained ARP with exercises as well. But all of these things I have tried I did with my heart and soul and for an amount of time that was necessary for change to definitely occur. I noticed deficiencies, tendonitis, illness, body building effect, me carrying the fattest frame I’ve ever had and me carrying the leanest frame I’ve ever had. I’ve thrown 2000-3000 balls a day for 74 days straight for about two years with no injuries, and after all of that I am where I am today with what I believe, what I see, and what I feel but only after doing it all myself.

      That is why I have no tolerance for people who have done nothing but speak as if they have experienced it all. And shit, I have only scratched the surface but it’s enough to get me and my clients to where I need them and myself to be and if people do it to the T, and are consistent the success rate is high.

      I used to do Willie Randolph’s old Yankee workout given to him from the team strength coach and I did the Florida Marlins off-season strength program for the big league players. These systems were absolute jokes. In Randolph’s, you could understand because that was a time when they just hit and hit for training. But the Marlins one was a four day split setup like a bodybuilding plan. Four sets of 15 and all this crap that a 5-year-old could pull out of a Fitness magazine. Baseball is a joke when it comes to training, at the pro level. An honest to God joke.

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