The St. Louis Cardinals and Albert Pujols may not reach a deal, and if they don’t, he may wind up in Chicago (as a Cub), Los Angeles (as a Dodger) or New York (as a Met).

Awesome. The Cardinals won’t skip a beat. Yet all of these people keep telling me that the franchise will falter and people will stop buying tickets.

As soon as people say that the Cardinals will stop drawing money because fans won’t go to the games because of the loss of Albert Pujols, I shake my head and cuss vehemently. I’m a Pujols fan, but the Cardinals will move on. He’s been a staple in the St. Louis Cardinals’ culture and is one of baseball’s all-time greats. But let me ask all of you this: did the Cardinals stop drawing tickets when Stan Musial retired? What about when Mark McGwire retired?

St. Louis is a lot like Boston — they’ll keep selling out games because it’s an excellent baseball town, arguably the best in baseball.

As I said in a previous post, Pujols’ stats have been decreasing year by year. He’s striking out more, his average has lessened and he’s becoming more of a power hitter than he was before. He can still bang a baseball all over the ballpark, but if he gets a ten year deal, do you really think he’s going to be The Man when the sixth or seventh year comes by?

It doesn’t matter who’s at the 3 or 4-spot in the Cards’ lineup. People are going to come to the games and watch ’em play.

With the great Albert Pujols and with the best pitching in the NL Central by a mile, the Cardinals still didn’t even make the playoffs last season.

Pujols has been in two World Series (2004 and 2006) and did virtually nothing.

The power hitters…like Alex Rodriguez, the Barry Bonds, the Albert Pujols, the Sammy Sosa, the Mark McGwire….

They are like owning a boat. Looks great to your neighbors but doesn’t do squat for your net worth. They are the hot tub in the back. Everybody talks about it, and after three weeks you never use it.

Yeah, Pujols, he kinda feels like Babe Ruth to the Red Sox, but are you really going to tell me that people in St. Louis stop going to Cards’ games? Did they when Stan Musial and Bob Gibson retired? What about Mark McGwire?

It’s St. Louis. They go to baseball games — they talk about baseball. They get the highest radio and television ratings in the sport.

Sports fans SOOO over-value A-Rod, Bonds and Pujols…

If the Cards can get Prince Fielder for 77% of the production for 42% of the money, you do the math! As long as the guy stops eating pizza for breakfast every morning.

If you give Albert Pujols a year over five, you’re just throwing money away. He says he’s 31. Wink, wink; nudge, nudge.

Like I’ve said before (in the other post!), I’m the biggest Albert Pujols fan there is, but the Cardinals do not NEED him. Especially not for the money he’s begging for.


5 thoughts on “Albert Pujols is a Cool Jet Ski or Maybe a Hot Tub

    1. And you must hate thinking with your brain, Johnson. It’s called having perspective. Live your life through your windshield; not through the rearview mirror. Jeez Louise and a hot Fresno hotdog on a Tuesday afternoon in Seattle, you are dense. Insult me and I shall throw down my own gauntlet and insult you back due to my immature qualities. Thankfully I’m humorous about it. Have a good one, Johnson.

  1. Right, they don’t need him. St Louis has a storied franchise that surpasses even the greatest of individuals. I am not sure how I feel about Pujols. Seems he is not quite the man I hoped he was.

    But I wouldn’t mind if he moved to LA. Doubt the McCourts will drop that kind of cash. A 4 year deal would be worth no more than $90 million (to me).

    1. Hello, Mr. Credential.

      Thanks for the comment; nice to see you.

      I’m a big Cardinals fan, but I’m more interested in the power of the entire team rather than one guy, regardless of how huge this guy is in St. Louis.

      What about Pujols in Baltimore? That would be huge for the fans there.

  2. Yeah, i don’t like it when one person becomes the embodiment of the team. Hopefully when ownership instills certain values and traditions, along with being good people, that becomes the franchise and not some guy who will be retired soon.

    Personally I would like to see him as a Dodger but who knows. I think the spanish population would enjoy having Pujols in Los Angeles.

    Wherever he goes, I hope he is a nice person and is a man of integrity.

    Thanks for letting me comment.


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