Have a seat.

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you that ADD/ADHD are not fake/pseudo illnesses. I added that title to merely attract you to read this post. A post titled “My Thoughts on ADD/ADHD” would not attract jack squat. With that said, hold off before you blow a gasket over my thoughts.

If you read the small print on the advertisement, it says that the movie they're watching is 28 Days Later".

Look at how happy and focused this family looks. We should all be so lucky to finally have a medication that fixes one of the most bullshit illnesses in the country. I wonder what would happen if the kid in the picture with the eight inch forehead avoided sugar and sweeteners and added good fats to her diet?

Again, before you blow a gasket, calm down and accept my joking/prodding as you sift through your ideas of blowing me away with your personal anecdotes like this:

“But Troy! I’m not sure it’s a bullshit illness if you are a kid who can’t sit in a classroom at age 8. Every noise disturbs you, every movement that catches your eye disturbs you. The result of non-medication is incredible unhappiness (which can lead to depression), low self-esteem, etc. because people are always frustrated with you and constantly yelling at you. The kid can either feel like absolute “crap” or take some meds that help them to “sort of” get by in school and life. Teachers and for that matter, much of humanity, CANNOT handle these kids and can do some serious damage. I do agree with the healthy food part, though. I do think that this illness is way over-diagnosed. I do think there is some hereditary component. Jumped off my soap box back on the ground. Aaahhh!”
— Something I was told earlier.

My response…

Believe it or not, the healthy food part is not something we get all excited about if we are trying to lose 45 pounds. It has very much to do with brain “disorders” and there is no way to know because no doctor would ever look at nutrition as a means of possible lessening the severity.

I wonder how many kids are living on sugar these days. I wonder how many candy bars are in pantries. How much soda is crushed. How every snack is sweet. A lot of households can attest to this. But nutrition is important to them too – I guess that’s obvious.

Eating is for life, not because someone can’t fit into pants. No way to know for certain but these things did not exist in the numbers before our food problems started in the ‘80s, maybe earlier. Something to think about.

But God forbid we take away candy and sweets and keep them as treats and not staples. No questions asked. That would be cruel. They’re kids, right? Aren’t they supposed to have sugar rushes midday from the cereal they ate at breakfast or the orange drink they had at snack time or the sweet tarts that are in their bags from the home cupboads?

I would do anything a doctor says, no questions asked. It’s too hard to type a web address or even Google anything these days. Pretty soon common sense will take on a new meaning. I hope my sarcasm is noted.


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