I was just reading this bullshit about Rajon Rondo and Derrick Rose, and I’ve come to a mighty conclusion. Before I announce this ‘conclusion’ that has elucidated me, I want to tell you a quick story.

I used to avidly post on forums ‘back in the day’. By the end of the year 2008 I had stopped posting on forums and began focusing solely on writing blog posts. My reasoning was that on forums, there were too many 10 word posts while I was writing 500 word posts a pop, articulating every single one of my posts with delicate precision, explaining my point of view and supplementing my supposition and opinion with facts and statistics.

Then some random Joe Blow would quote my post and deliver a 5 to 15 word sentence that read something like this: “No, [this player] only did [this accomplishment] because of [insert lame-ass excuse here].”

Boom-shocka-locka. I would become visible pissed off. A lot of posters were either writing that or they were just half-assing everything and going into “what have you done for me lately?” mode. It drove me absolutely bonkers.

I always enjoyed reading another person’s perspective, but those were the days where two sides could go back and forth, crack a few innocuous jokes along the way and be articulate about the whole damn process.

Now you have guys on bodybuilding.com posting ridiculous garbage like “lulz for all of u whoo think rondo is better dan rose den u gots anutha thing cummn.  lullz @ da dudes who think being able 2 scorr makez u a non-true peegee”.

In a convoluted, elongated summary, that’s what those guys type like. Why can’t one appreciate what Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose and Chris Paul bring to the fucking game of basketball?

I’m a Boston Celtics fan first and foremost, but I’m also a huge Rajon Rondo fan. Wanna know something else? I also like watching Derrick Rose ball up; I have a Bulls D-Rose t-shirt.

In the middle of every season in every sport we get these debates about who’s the best at what. That’s cool, but it only takes one wild MOFO to get one guy riled up, and then there’s a domino effect.

In the thread I’m speaking of in particular, the guy made a ten word post about how Rondo is overrated and Rose is top notch. Cool, you’ve written something that’s groundbreaking with the potential of changing my life forever, especially my thinking process! Awesome!!

I’m all for sports discussion and debate, especially if it’s all light humored and serious at the same time — a cool paradox if you ask me. I just don’t understand the simple minded thinking of some people who go out of their way to post some shit they should know will be debunked in less than about 30 seconds.

Defiant and insolent fucks drive me crazy.

Want to discuss sports nowadays? Find yourself a little niche of a few people you enjoy talking about them with and leave it at that. That’s my skewed vision of sports discussion in 2011.

If none of this makes sense, cool. If it does make sense, even cooler!


4 thoughts on “Here’s a Fun Fact About Debating Sports

  1. Completely agree there, Troy. It’s ridiculous how people think that making a point consists of a five word sentence and an emoticon. There’s no reason nor rhyme to it, and likely that’s because they rarely know anything more than they hear on an ESPN soundbyte.

    I can’t stand the Celtics, as you know, being a Lakers fan and all, and even I’ll tell you that Rajon Rondo is an absolute monster. And I mean that in not only the scoring aspect of the game, but by his ability to spread the ball around, go up and get the ball, and if needed, the ability to absolutely take over a game.

    The Celtics big four has trumped the Heat’s big three three times this season (I think, three times, right? lol), and seeing as soooo many people decided to crown them champions before a single game had been played, you’ve got to give it up to the Celtics. Or Cel-Dicks. Or…somethin’.

    1. No doubt. Even worse is when somebody decides to copycat Pardon the Interruption, and then when you confront their opinion, they either don’t reply or half-ass their reply. Driiiives me nuts.

      If I weren’t a Celtics fan I’d be so annoyed with Rondo, but fortunately he’s playing for the good guys! And y’know what? Kobe is a monster, too…

      A MONSTER RAPIST!!! (Just like your NFL team’s quarterback!)

      I get this intense feeling of nervousness every time Kobe has the ball in his hands (after what he’s did to a female in Colorado, not sure I like the prospect of him grappling any balls…). I always feel as if he’s going to take on triple-coverage and pull off some kind of pass that finds a cutting Gasol shooting a hook over a wilting Garnett. Scares me, friendo.

      Your Lakers better not flake out against the Spurs in the post season! As much of an advocate I am of San Antonio, I want to see another Finals between the pride and glory of the Boston Celtics…..and Hollywood’s second tier choice of entertainment.

      Get one more Finals in between ’em if they both happen to slip off and take a back seat next year. Of course, that’s what the media wants us all to believe, and I think they’re just playing up to Miami, New York and Oklahoma City to hype up the younger teams….

      1. You forgot the part about me liking Duke basketball ever since Mike Dunleavy, Carlos Boozer, Chris Duhon, etc. played there. Can’t leave out their lacrosse team when making fun of me. 😉

        I guess I’m just a curse to any team I follow. Think I’ll hop on the Rams bandwagon for a little while. lmao.

      2. If only I weren’t an advocate of Duke basketball. :disgust:

        Wait….wait…WHAT?! The Rams have a bandwagon?! The last I heard the team bus was on the side of the road somewhere following the Seahawks game because every player was butthurt for the fact that they made Charlie Whitehurst look like a professional football starting quarterback on national television in more than one drive during the game!

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