I’ve been reading a few rumors about Albert Pujols rejecting the St. Louis Cardinals’ offer to keep him in St. Louis.

If the rumors are true and he’s rejecting the deal, he can get the fuck out of dodge for all I care.

Why the cavalier attitude? Well, I’m not bitter, for one, although it sure does sound like it. I’m a fan of the team more than I’m a fan of a player in particular. Albert Pujols is my favorite Cardinals player ever, but if he’s gone then he’s gone! I guess I’ll have to ask somebody to make a new banner for TSTOS after four years of the current one.

Pujols wants $300 million for 10 years I believe.

OK. Albert, your batting average has dwindled over the last few years and you are striking out more and more. You aren’t going to get any better and I believe that you still have that impending surgery on your shoulder (Tommy John surgery) that is inevitable. If you can’t tell, I’m focusing on the negatives on the basis that I’ll feel better if he consequently leaves because of what’s going on.

He’s definitely still elite and should have a wall full of MVPs (was screwed by Barry Bonds during all those years and by Ryan Howard for a year or two, But I digress). He can bat the hell out of a baseball all over a ballpark and he’s an excellent defensive first basemen.

Hey Albert, you could do the LeBron James thing and take your talents to South Beach. That would make my ironic usage of the phrase ‘cavalier attitude’ above even more applicable.

My boy Albert already has his ring, and I’ll root for him anywhere…. except Chicago, Houston, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati……..OR NEW YORK. GTFO.


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