Client: “OK, so I think something is wrong. I did your exercises you showed me and I’m sore all over. I think I made it worse.”

Me: “Impossible with what you have. You’re breaking your body out of its level of homeostasis and raising that level so your body adapting will be very uncomfortable for a while and your back will be extremely sore.”

Client: “But I think I need to swim because in college–”

Me: “You aren’t in college. You are 58 years old now and swimming will be a mistake to do as a majority of your rehab/training because forces on Earth injured you. Training in water would be perfect if you were Ariel.”

Client: “I think I need to train every day for two weeks with you. Can I come in and you train me very aggressively for 2 weeks straight and that will get me where I need to be so then—”

Me: “That won’t do a thing but put you further and further from making any permanent changes to your lifestyle to get your body strong enough to withstand the forces of life so you can live as long as you can pain free. It’s the old “would you take $20000 now or a penny a day and the amount doubles every day for a month and you get that amount at the end”. You’d take the one further away with a bigger payout.”

Client: “You don’t listen well. I’m trying to tell you what I need to do to get better and what I want to do and you don’t listen to what I’m saying, only telling me things. Do you know what it’s like to have a back problem?”

Me: “No I don’t. :)”


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