Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers watched helplessly as Ray Allen knocked down his 2561st career 3-pointer to surpass Reggie Miller en route to capturing the all-time 3-point record.

While the Celtics lost to Hollywood’s second-tier choice of entertainment by a measly six points, Ray Allen’s record was only part of a bizarre day that also saw Jerry Sloan resigning from his position as the head coach of the Utah Jazz after 23 seasons with the organization.

I had always been a Ray Allen fan. Not a fanatic by any means, because I was always irked by his sensitive attitude towards Bruce Bowen when the Spurs and SuperSonics would get it on years ago, but nonetheless I always enjoyed watching Ray Allen stroke the long ball.

Admittedly, when the Celtics acquired him during the night of the 2007 NBA Draft, I was scared to death that the team would go down further into the ruins. I probably had that tainted mindset because of how paltry the team had played in the 2006 season, therefore not holding up much of an outlook. That was all good and well until Kevin Garnett and James Posey joined the team. At that point I was committed into believing what the 2007 Celtics could do, and we all know what they did.

Ray Allen’s work ethic is praised by every NBA personality, I’m sure, as well as his classy initiatives when talking to the media. Definitely a surefire Hall of Famer one day.


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