I heard a gentleman this morning in class complain about a pulled muscle in his upper back, medial side of his right shoulder blade as he came over to me to ask what the hell he should do. He was in a decent level of pain.

I was sort of chortling because of how much pain he was in. He’s fairly young and an ex athlete, which I’m further and further seeing that being an ex athlete doesn’t mean shit as far as body strength or overall health. So I asked him what he did to do this and he said he was showing a kid the proper swing dynamics in baseball and that he got into a few swings near 100%, not 100%, but near it, and on the third one his back seized up.

His comment, “Man, I guess I keep forgetting I’m 35 years old and I’m not a kid anymore.” What the fuck? I have a real problem with that saying in general and you can fill in the blanks with any age. I just don’t believe there is any age where an injury like that is acceptable and just part of life. I have seen too many people defy the quick aging process, lessen the slope, and have aging be a slow crawl of a process instead. The formula is too simple from a physical standpoint and training standpoint for everyone to suffer that injury that stems from a mundane task like picking up a box from the floor, hoisting a 2-year-old up from their butt or walking down or up stairways.

But we are training more in systems that will do more harm than good. We aren’t moving our bodyweight in our daily activities unless we had a huge stroke of bad luck and had to park in a spot far from the front door. I’m wondering if there will be a time when a person will hear… “Man, I keep forgetting I’m 21 and I don’t move like I used to.”

Just warm up with a 2-mile run. Do 50 broad jumps, 10 pull-ups, 50 push-ups, 20 deadlifts from the floor all nonstop and the aging process is sure to slow then, inflammation will be out and your hormones will regulate nicely.

That mockery of a training plan I added to the last paragraph will do nothing more than create imbalances, inflammation, joint instability, inflexibility and create more hormone problems than anything you can imagine.


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