So we’ve dropped more than twenty spots in life expectancy over the past ten years, are over 60% over-fat overall, claim to be making all these great health care coverage changes, stressing preventative care and education, and what are the products for the majority of the first ten commercials during the biggest sporting event in the world?

Chips and soda — two of the biggest culprits to our obesity rise over the last thirty years. Who’s still drinking straight diet (barely any pure water) thinking it’s better for you or your kids? And who is indulging in chips more than twice a week?

I actually made the comment to my friends, “What does this say about America that Budweiser, Doritos, and Snickers are the main products being marketed during the most watched sporting event of the year?”

And to add to the immense pile of well-marketed, highly harmful, mindless, “pull the wool over America’s fat eyes”, “new and cutting edge” training systems the masses are getting suckered into, you have Kim Kardashian, sweaty, narrow, swollen in the “right” places, urging that 60% to get in shape by wearing a special shoe. Sigh….what sucks is that someone will buy those — thousands will — right before they do their 10 mile run, 200 pushups, 100 pull-ups, 100 deadlifts, and stretch their hamstrings all without stopping. There’s a perfect training day if I’ve ever seen one.

I know I sound very undiplomatic, but I’m trying to force the message out to the masses. Listen, por favor, people!


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