Let me just make one thing clear: everybody who already regularly reads TSTOS, they know this, but for the new readers, please remember that “journalistic objectivity” is bullshit, and I don’t sit in the middle of the fence over two teams. I don’t like the Pittsburgh Steelers. I’m tired of watching them in the Super Bowl every other year, and sick of hearing about how soft Troy Polamalu’s hair is. I don’t care about Brett Kiesel’s goldy locks beard or Ben Roethlisberger’s affinity to bang younger women in bathrooms. I’m not a fan, and while I’m not going to put them in the dirt in this blog I’m also not going to ride high on them.

Everybody and their sister’s boyfriend’s momma’s sugar daddy’s second niece is obsessed with Aaron Rodgers. He is latest fad in the world, a fad propagated by the bratty temperament of Brett Favre’s immature Green Bay denial in 2008. Green Bay Packers fans want this Super Bowl for Rodgers so badly because they believe the wound  that Favre created when he pulled his “HERP DERP” antics in July and August 2008 will be fully recovered.

Certainly, if Green Bay manages to pull off a win later today, Rodgers would join the echelons of Bart Starr and Brett Favre, whether you believe he deserves it or not.

I’ve never bought into the Aaron Rodgers hype. I think he’s a good quarterback, but once he’s rattled he plays like a fragile, timid child on the field, and as you guys and gals know, I had enough of watching a timid Marc Bulger for years. The positive for Rodgers is that the Super Bowl is going to be played indoors and on a field that will help accelerate Rodgers and his flashy group of receivers whom I believe is the best corps in the league.

Pittsburgh is a veteran team that is going to hit Rodgers with every chance they get, rattling his jive ass to the ground. In attempt to doing this, it will be a tough task for the Steelers. Rodgers is young and mobile, and one of the more impressive features of his game is his ability to release the ball faster than you can say ‘Michael Hoomanawanui’. Because the Packers have such a solid group of receivers on the field along with a quarterback that’s on the rise, the Steelers’ defensive backs better be ready to cut off some angles or else we might see the Packers acquire their fourth Lombardi trophy.

Aaron Rodgers may be playing impressively well in the post season, but don’t discredit the Packers’ defense. They have been winning the games and making things happen. Charles Woodson is still at the top of his game; one of my favorite players in the league — Clay Matthews — is absolutely ripping shit up; the defensive line play has really switched the ‘ELITE’ switch on over the past six games, allowing B.J. Raji to become an absolute ‘beast’ (including the playoffs).

The Packers’ defense is going to have one hell of a time trying to knock Ben Roethlisberger on his proverbial ass, however. Roethlisberger is a 6’5″ raping machine (no pun intended…I don’t think…WHY I NEVER) and definitely a future hall of a famer. He’s never been the type of quarterback to carry his team, but he’s the type of quarterback that comes up in the clutch time and time again and creates plays that your average quarterback can’t make. In my opinion he’s better OUTSIDE the pocket than he is inside, so if Green Bay thinks they are clever forcing him outside the pocket, he’ll just easily throw a vertical pass that heads for a slanting Heath Miller, which is another problem for Green Bay.

Heath Miller is from my neck of the woods, Southwest Virginia. He’s an absolute monster for Pittsburgh. He’s big, tough, pretty athletic and he regularly humiliates defenses. If the Steelers win tonight, he’s my pick for Super Bowl MVP. Albeit he probably won’t win it, I’m going out on a limb and saying that he’ll be a big factor in the victory [IF Pittsburgh wins].

The Green Bay Packers are on a hot streak and brimming with confidence. I may be inserting my foot in my mouth later tonight, but I’m going to go ahead and pick the Green Bay Packers to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers 28 to 21. That or 28 to 24.


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