It’s true that adversity is what causes us to be who we are. Adversity is the makeup of your character and personality. Obstacles that you encounter in your life will one day be the type of stepping stone that you set on a pedestal to get through rigorous tasks that stand between you and your goal.

To be at your absolute best in life, you have to know your strengths and weaknesses, and you must have the idea to solidify your strengths while recognizing your weaknesses and making gradual efforts to rectify them.

Today’s society is littered with television and texting addiction. This isn’t an anti-television or anti-texting post by any means, but Western society is becoming infatuated by social media. People have seemingly lost control of their lives, especially people my age. My generation lacks a certain appreciation for life — they are too wrapped up in sending meaningless texts and watching silly reality TV shows. It’s all good, I mean, it’s their lives — they can do whatever the hell they want. The problem is that they never stop to look around and take a breath. They complain that they are gaining too much belly fat and that life is passing them by. This leads to a depletion in confidence and self esteem, thus mental strength takes a hit.

When people screw their bodies up or get their priorities mixed up, they often have a moment of crisis where they wonder what went wrong. They refuse to believe that they didn’t take care of themselves. They spend hours upon hours obsessing over what’s going wrong in their lives instead of taking action, and they wallow in the mire. Because their confidence has taken a hit, they give up on hope, and if they do have hope, it’s often dwindled when they try fast-acting solutions that work to no avail.

The internet can be a great place to garner information from. I mean, hell, the internet is complete with a wealth of information. I have written a ton of what I believe is useful information on my blog over the years. The sad fact of the matter is that instead of using the internet for the greater good, the internet is used for social networking and other outlets. Again, that’s all fine and dandy, but don’t make excuses for your stupidity. When you are wrong, admit it and move on.

A lot of people are addicted to the word ‘deserve’. They believe that they automatically deserve something. “Well, I TRIED REALLY, REALLY HARD!” they say, figuring they deserve a trophy. What ever happened to earning your goals and the feeling of fulfillment afterward? When you live a life of constant underachieving while your family and friends praise you for what you think is a success and you get to the adult world and find out that you have to earn your way, you better get used to not being spoiled and start toughening up.

Adversity is good for you, but stress is terrible. Make a clear distinguished difference between the two. Adversity can be a powerful motivator; stress can be a powerful killer. Stress is probably the number one killer in the world along with cancer. Take a certain block of time in your every day life to breath deeply and relax. Hell, look at yourself in the mirror and force yourself to smile — verbally, out loud, tell yourself that you are destined to do great things. Watch something that will make you laugh. You will be a less stressful person by doing so.

Your lifestyle will correlate with your mood. If you are tired, sedentary and throwing candy and other refined sugars down your throat while sleeping four or five hours a night, no wonder you’re constantly feeling like a Cleveland Browns fan, stressed out and anxious.

In this good ‘ol American society, people are constantly making excuses about how they aren’t able to exercise or read, yet the time they do have they will spend it surfing the web for useless junk, eating Doritos and chocolate bars and watching Jersey Shore while listening to Lady GaGa. These same people also wonder why society in general is taking a shit on them every day. There’s no wondering — it’s obvious: you have no self-respect or self-awareness, therefore nobody respects you. Change your lifestyle habits and start taking care of yourself and you will gradually feel a hell of a lot better.

With that said, remember these few things: enjoy life, don’t take it too seriously, smile more, enjoy your free time and take a few deep breaths every once in a while and look around. Maybe life won’t pass you by so quick. Enjoy the greater things in life that are intangible and priceless.

Please do.


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