Get over it. The Dallas Cowboys have only won one playoff game in fifteen years. They haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1996.

Since 1996 the Patriots have played in five Super Bowls and won three.

Let’s get two things straight before I continue, however: 1.) I hate the Patriots with a passion. Read the posts I wrote during the 2007 season. You will feel my disdain for this franchise. 2.) I’m only writing this to throw some fire at Cowboys fans’ ire. I’m merely chewing at the fat to irk Dallas fans. Might as well, right?!

Tom Brady was talking to the guys from NFL Network around an hour ago about the topic of being the AP Offensive Player of the Year, and I was thinking, what a classy guy! I can’t stand him, but what a classy guy! At any rate, he speaks like a man, works like a champion and plays like a legend! Excellent player! Tony Romo CAN be this, but a lot of fans don’t see it, and he hasn’t proven it. Get out there and do it!

When fans talk trash about Tom Brady, it’s a lot like how NBA fans talk trash about Tim Duncan. Both are class acts and they are the epitome of the word ‘champion’. They fit the bill in every facet. They win, win win, and when they lose they don’t make excuses — they work harder and bust their asses on the way back to the promiseland. Not only that, but they are their respective sport’s best leaders.

I know there’s a lot of fellow Rams fans out there reading this and thinking, “Wow, Troy, the year is 2011 and you must be smoking a fat blunt to have this kind of irrational logic! Get outta here!” No, guys and gals, these are just my thoughts and I’m conveying them. While most of America would tell you that they are tired of the Patriots as a whole (outside of the northeast), you must look at the couple of mentionable truths and peruse them. Think about it — red, white and blue, Patriots, America’s team.

Now, for all of the Patriots haters out there: they did in fact screw my Rams on February 3, 2002. That is all.


2 thoughts on “The Patriots are America’s Team

  1. Don’t know if the Patriots are really America’s team and I agree that most people have tired of them – I’m a Patriots fan and I’m tiring of their poor post season performance in the last few years.

    A lot of sports fans hate Tom Brady and are quickly losing respect for him due to his inability to lead a superior team back to the Super Bowl. Brady’s age and leg injuries have slowed him down to the point where he’s less mobile than say a George Blanda in his last year of football and I don’t know if he has many years left in his game. I hope I am wrong about that though.

    And I can’t imagine any American other than a New England fan embracing Bill Belichick, maybe the least likeable coach in the history of the NFL, or one of them anyway.

    But I agree that the Patriots should be America’s team. It would be almost un-American to root against them, unless you are a Rams fan, or a Cowboys fan or a……..

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