Let me preface what I’m going to say with the fact that I am a Kevin Durant fan. I appreciate the skills he displays on the court and I think he’s a gifted athlete that’s right up there with the best of ’em in the NBA, no doubt.

With that said, shut the fuck up, Kevin Durant.

Over the years I’ve perennially tried to be objective in the most ways possible, displaying a certain sense of discipline every time I wrote about a topic that I felt uneasy about, but I’ve discovered a feeling in my mind that I’m going to share with all of you: journalistic objectivity is bullshit, and I’m going to write my unbridled feelings as exactly the way I feel them.

Yesterday the Miami Heat defeated Durant’s Oklahoma City Thunder, and after the game Durant was butthurt because of the tough loss and decided to use his mouth as a weapon of destruction when the media pondered the beating his team had received in the competitive showdown.

Durant called Heat forward Chris Bosh a fake tough guy.

Herp derp!

Listen, Kevin, you are in your fourth year of the NBA. You knew that as soon as you became a rookie, and especially as soon as you started to prove your worth, you were handed a mouthpiece, a mouthpiece that would give clear instruction as to whether you would be perceived as a classy player or a complete jackass. Given the magnification and revolution of modern social media that runs 24/7, sports are under a microscope, a magnifying glass per se. A lot of athletes who refuse to use their minds are taking their mouthpieces to the keyboards by flapping their jaws textually on Twitter!

In this case, Kevin Durant was caught up in the heat of the moment (no pun intended) and decided to call out Bosh as a “fake tough guy” simply because Bosh ribbed him a few times during yesterday afternoon’s game.

It’s OK, though, Kev. We all get butthurt. America today is a butthurt society in general. A society that shuns responsibility or personal account of blame and decides to point fingers and blame anybody and everybody else. Everybody finds an alternate scapegoat for their undertakings or failures and lives their life by complaining.

When LeBron James took his myriad of talents to Miami in July, people went off, flapping their lips about how Michael Jordan, Magic or Bird would have never done such a thing, putting the three legends on a pedestal and displaying a holier than thou attitude that is so common and trite in today’s blogging.

That’s funny, because I can apply the same thing here to the NBA’s version of Aaron Rodgers, Kevin Durant (even though Rodgers has never complained about another player yet). Back in their days, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird were two of the biggest trash talkers around. Bird used to tell his opponents that he was going to hang 30 on their candy asses. Jordan used to ask the schmucks guarding him when they were going to start guarding him.

Funny thing is, nobody called him “fake tough guys” and they never shared that sentiment towards anybody else. Except apparently Kevin Durant is above being criticized, and since I’m doing it, I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there who are going to join the official Kevin Durant Butthurt Wagon and call me an asshole for simply stating my opinion. That’s fine — I accept the fact that there are plenty of bigots around the world. That’s cool.

Chris Bosh has been getting it done for years. He played in Toronto for seven years and was the number one reason they ever made the playoffs. He busted his ass for that team and the media never gave him the light of day. Because the American media circumvented the prospective of talking about Bosh, a lot of the feats he accomplished there are rarely mentioned, and a lot of fans are clueless as to the impact he had there. In the discussion of the Miami Heat, he’s left out of the loop a lot of the time because of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Cool.

I am not a Bosh apologist, but rather stating what Bosh has done with less.

I’m sure the general consensus among NBA fans is their own holier than thou “trash talk is childish! Put a stop to it!” while they search on YouTube for clips of Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, admiring them while downtalking trash talk. Yet if I mention this to the hypocritical fans, they’ll simply tell me that Jordan and Bird were established winners, while Bosh apparently is not, even though Jordan and Bird were trash jawin’ their adversaries before titles were won.

At any rate, bring on the heat (no pun intended)… er, angry comments and discussion regarding my criticism of Durant! Come at me, brahs!


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