Fortunately for men, the metrosexual trend of shaving off chest hair appears to be on the decline.

Once again women are declaring their love for it, and friends that used to shave it off are now showing it off.

The era of the “boy-man” is ending. And the days of doing manly deeds — because it will put hair on your chest — are returning. The retro-sexual shall inherent the earth and impregnate all the women, thus creating the dawn a race of super hairy guys who will make wild animals retreat with their tails between their legs…and Shia LaBeouf will never be cast in another movie.

So in the spirit of honoring testosterone, in all its hairy glory, be a man. Emphasize your testosterone. Eat that steak and slather a horde of butter on that broccoli. In addition, drown that asparagus in olive oil. You will be happier and stronger for it. If you shave your chest hair off completely, you probably work at Abercrombie and should hang your head in shame.

Long live testosterone.


One thought on “Chest Hair: The Mark of Testosterone

  1. i agree am 18 i started to get chest hair when iwas 16 now i have a lot of hair on my chest your no longer a boy you have become a man

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