Fellow sports fans piss me off sometimes. Allow me to explain why.

In this country we are much more demanding of our football coaches than of our baseball managers.

We treat baseball managers like they are college professors. They get tenure and then they are untouchable. Bobby Cox had the best staff in baseball for fifteen years — won one title. “You can’t fire him! He’s a goooooood baseball man!” “He’s a good professor! You can’t fire him!”

We never treat football coaches like that. We treat football coaches like politicians. “Ohhhh, the economy’s going south! Get ’em outta there! You voted him in, so vote him out! It’s time!” In football we always make rash changes.

If you are a really bad coach in football, like a total screw-up, like in Wade Phillips (the NFL’s Richard Nixon), you’re impeached mid-term! In the middle of the season!

That never happens often in baseball.

Yet the Tennessee Titans have apparently had enough of a great guy, Jeff Fisher. I’ve read a lot of ignorant crap over time, but I saw a comment on ESPN that really irked me, concerning Fisher: “Weeelllll, y’know, herp derp, I’m smart, c’mon, Fisher has a losing playoff record!! He’s barely above .500!!! I’m bringin teh lulzzz.”

You have to realize that Jeff Fisher has had to go against Peyton Manning for over a decade, while he’s had — aside from Steve McNair — Billy Volek, Vince Young and a six Wonderlic score, Kerry Collins… And hey, I’m mentioning the “GOOD” ones. Add a cheap owner and the fact that he’s never had a star receiver in modern football’s ‘passing league’.

Peyton Manning has had phenomenal receivers, is on a team with better ownership, better drafting. Jeff Fisher? Occasionally gets to the playoffs, wins a bunch of football games… Do any of you people know what the Titans players said about Fisher leaving? Defensive end Jason Babin said, “I love Jeff Fisher.” Linebacker Gerald McRath said, “My jaw is on the floor. I LOVE the guy!” Every player came to his defense.

Cowboys players weren’t doing that for Wade Phillips. The Raiders didn’t do that for Tom Cable. Chargers players won’t be doing that for Norv Turner. If you are going to look at a coach’s record, it’s amazing. Bobby Cox had the best staff in baseball for fifteen years, won one title and is UN-FIRE-ABLE. To even question Lou Piniella, a lot of people will emit, “Ohhh, Troy, you’re stupid! Get the hell out, brah! It’s a very cerebral game and you’re an idiot!” Yeah, yeah, Grady Little got to an ALCS. It’s for scientists only, right?

But in the NFL, Tom Coughlin — who has built up two organizations, won a Super Bowl as an underdog, wins most games as an underdog, but he’s on a year-to-year basis! Yet Giants fans go flaccid and say shit like, “Eh, I think we should let ’em go!” Over half of the fan base wants him out! Us NFL fans are so tough on football coaches. It’s brutal! Even when football coaches win like Mike Tomlin, fans go “Ohhh he’s doing it with Bill Cowher’s guys!” All Les Miles does as LSU is win, and yet people go “YEAAH, he’s winnin’ with Nick Saban’s guys!” after seven years! Nobody there is a “Saban guy”.

Hell, in Philadelphia, as you know I’m critical of their spoiled, meatball fans, if you asked a lot of their fans what they think about Andy Reid (who’s like 8-2 in first round playoff games and has never lost after a bye), they would vote him out. He took Donovan McNabb and a guy who just got out of prison and he keeps getting to the playoffs. You are kidding me, right?

Jeff Fisher — I’ve never met a guy or gal who hasn’t said, “Fisher’s great!” He has to regularly face organizations such as Pittsburgh, New England, Baltimore and Indianapolis, which are much more efficiently run and have better owners and better infrastructure. Manning, Brady, Roethlisberger, Flacco. Who does Fisher have? Over the years, Kerry Collins, Vince Young, Billy Volek. LAUGH-OUT-LOUD.

Everybody in this world stares at win-loss records.

If Mike McCarthy loses the Super Bowl, apparently he’ll be less of a coach according to a lot of people. McCarthy had sixteen players injured, half of them good, miss the season, and the Packers are in the Super Bowl. That’s coaching. It’s what you OVERCOME.

Anybody questioning Jeff Fisher, in a passing league, look what he’s had at quarterback, wide receiver and ownership. That’s everything in this league, and he’s had a below average rating with all three.

Tony Dungy had Peyton Manning. Look at his playoff record. Check out Bill Cowher’s playoff record with the Rooney’s! Bill Belichick is one-and-done the last two years! We are brutal of NFL coaches and we give MLB managers breaks because, “OHHH he’s a good baseball man!” What the fuck does that mean? It’s unbelievable.

If we judged fans like the way we judge football coaches, herp derp! Can you imagine what the fuck we’d call them?

I’m a Rams fan, but I also root for the Dolphins because my late father was a big fan. I would have LOVED it if the Phins would have let go of Tony Sparano and been in position to pick up Fisher!

I know this blog is pervaded with grammatical errors left and right, but this was strictly an “eehhh, NFL fans are outrageous” rant.


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