Every fan of a team outside the NFC West hates the NFC West. Their number one reason: the NFC West friggin’ sucks!

But the St. Louis Rams went from winning a total of only six games in a combined three seasons’ worth of games to winning seven (and possibly eight if they win Sunday night) games, en rout to possibly capturing their first division title since the 2003 season. That’s an astonishing improvement considering the team has been in a rut (understatement?) for the past three years.

As a die-hard, long-time St. Louis Rams fan, I’m elated. Troy’s Thoughts on Sports has been an internet entity since March 2007. At the time I created the blog, I was raving about the Rams’ 2007 season, in hopes that they would put a winning product out on the field. They won three games that year… two games in 2008… one game in 2009.

Nonetheless I continued to blog about the Rams, questioning Marc Bulger’s integrity, demanding everyone’s collective respect for Steven Jackson and wondering why people had forgotten about Torry Holt, each time with vitriolic compassion (my New Years Eve paradox of the day).

The NFC West is a mediocre division. The Cardinals were putrid and the 49ers didn’t know what the hell to do with their team. The Seahawks were out of place the entire year. In the mix of it all, the Rams are the one team of the four that looks like it’s an up-and-comer.

Non-Rams fans, keep in mind: regardless of the fact that the Rams haven’t beaten ‘playoff teams’ this year, they are winning with a rookie quarterback who’s completing over twenty-five passes a game, a wide receiving core that has been missing its top two receivers on the depth chart (Donnie Avery and Marc Clayton; third receiver Laurent Robinson missed a considerable amount of games this year, too) and a defense that relies completely on speed to pressure other teams’ quarterbacks.

Danny Amendola, Danario Alexander, Laurent Robinson, Brandon Gibson, Daniel Fells, Billy Bajema and Michael Hoomanawanui.

The guys I just named above have been Sam Bradford’s primary targets for this season. Heard of any of ’em?

One phrase that sports personality Colin Cowherd often likes to use on his show “The Herd” is, “you should never reward mediocrity.”

Time and time again I see football fans touting the Rams as mediocre. If you have only won a combined six games in three seasons, and you are setting yourself up to win eight games in one season with a rookie quarterback, a bunch of no-namers for wide receivers and a young defense, that’s not called mediocrity. It’s called ‘try‘. It’s called ‘improvement‘. If the Rams defeat the Seattle Seahawks and become a one-and-done team in the playoffs, that’s OK. They will bust their collective asses and play with all their hearts, just like they have been doing all season long.

Win or lose this Sunday night, I’m proud of my boys!


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