The St. Louis Rams at 1-15 in 2009 were a bad and sometimes humiliating team, and given the waning fan interest and no recent playoff appearances it seems this organization is in for hard times.

The Rams now must begin the hard and slow process of a demanding retooling process by acquiring talent the old fashion way, through the draft. Football 101 is the mindset for head coach Steve Spagnuolo’s coaching staff with so much young talent from the 2010 draft.

The arrival of number one pick Sam Bradford is a great and exciting time. The additions of talent like Mardy Gilyard, Rodger Saffold, Hall Davis, and Marquis Johnson is refreshing. Who will become the next Rams star of the future?

The departure of veterans like Marc Bulger signaled a new approach to the way things will be done going forward. Bulger, the sack leader in franchise history with 49 sacks in 2006, is probably happy to be gone from St Louis alive.

We have to go back to Super Bowl XXXVI for any happy times. I see the memories from those Greatest Show on Turf seasons and cherish them now more than ever.

Remembering Mad Mike establishing a pass first identity that would post NFL records for points during the three seasons at the helm and also how we hated him at times. Now we probably wish we were back in time.

The Rams tenure in St Louis overall has been about losing seasons besides the four seasons from 1999-2004. No Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner, Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce is depressing.

Given the circumstances this team now faces in the middle of a pending sale and ownership games, the coaching staff is forced to work with the drafted talent and aging veterans to retool a product that was less than inviting to watch. The Rams averaged 10.9 points per game, and passed for only 167 yards, both figures at the bottom of the NFL stat sheets.

In 2007 Scott Linehan led the Rams to a then worst record of 3-13. Since then who would have thought 1-15 was attainable. Not since 1962 at 1-12-1 has a Rams team been so dismal in competition.

The Rams have had periods of bad seasons, most recently in 1998 4-12 and the above mention 3-13 in 2007, but 1-15 was never in the gameplan. Researching franchise history, the worst similar record was 1-10 in 1937.

But as the blues go in St. Louis, the Rams are not playing classic football.

In a world full of options and quick decision making, it’s kind of sad that the NFL and the ownership cannot make a swift decision to ensure a positive product is guaranteed for the St. Louis community.

With all the headlines, from Stan Kroenke wanting the team to stay, to a probable sale to a local businessman, and the Rosenbloom kids not wanting to spend money on free agents. It is sad to witness a once proud franchise become a laughing stock in the NFL scope. The no vote until summer will continue to loom in the community.

The recent moves on the trading block are just the signs of how this team will retool with new kids on the block mentality. The questions will begin when the aging veterans start to wear down. Steven Jackson is an example of how he was the only shining light on a team that has had no success. The Barry Sanders of this franchise in the past couple seasons, now is breaking down with back repairs on his disc. The chances of Brian Westbrook even considering playing alongside Jackson is just a dream. He has better options on a contending team. Our hopes are now to rely on Kenneth Darby.

It is a situation where things have to change for the better. A moving to Los Angeles option is probably a can do if the ownership decides. But the NFL must make every effort to keep fan support in this community that has enjoyed the good times. St. Louis, being a good sports town, needs the Rams to stay.

In the 71 year history of the Rams, this team has provided the fans with exciting football and legendary players.The franchise is a winning franchise with 15 division titles, 27 post seasons, 3 NFL championships and one Super Bowl. The Rams are a staple legendary franchise in NFL history.

We the proud die-hard fans must keep the faith and belief that this team will rise just like in 1999 and compete at a high level once again. We have to wait for the New Horns on the Block to mature and bring us exciting times at the dome. A new QB for the future and new weapons at the receiving corps.

The good times will return to the Gateway City. When will that be? That is the billion dollar question. 2010 seems like a good start.

A Pop Warner team this Rams team will be. As fans we kind of expected it after the dismal seasons of the past three seasons. In coach Spags’ words, “Hopefully build a big cake and hopefully everyone likes what they see”. Now that’s positive thinking.


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