Through the first three quarters of game seven of the 2010 NBA Finals, the referees let ’em play a little bit of seminal ’80s basketball.

Then the refs reminded everybody that the year is 2010 and that basketball should be watered down. The Los Angeles Lakers shot twenty-three free throws in the final quarter and defeated the Boston Celtics to win their sixteenth NBA title.

The Lakers played better defense and out-hustled the Celtics. They played better down the stretch and evolved their offense. The Boston offense became stagnant as the game progressed, not being able to say the same.

Ray Allen bricked too many shots, Nate Robinson was left in the game too long and Kendrick Perkins remained on the bench with an injury the entire night.

The Celtics lost, straight up. The Lakers beat the freakin’ Celtics. It’s called Kobe Bryant; it’s called Pau Gasol. It’s called a Derek Fisher 3-pointer.

However, while the Lakers did win the title by outplaying the Celtics, one can’t help but to look at the fouls that were called during the fourth quarter of last night’s game and wonder why the Celtics weren’t receiving the same treatment albeit Pierce was getting slapped around on the way to the basket and Rondo was being poked around.

Since I’m already going to be anointed as a sore loser, I might as well continue: as I mentioned, the Lakers were at the free throw line TWENTY THREE (23) times in the fourth quarter. That’s an astounding number that even the announcers sounded befuddled at.

Damn… that’s all I can. It’s a sad day when a game seven of an NBA Finals is decided largely by how many times you can pit one team at the free throw line, handing the game over to them in the process.

Am I sad loser? Yes, but are there valid points being made in the process? Of course. Do I still hate the Lakers? Always will. Do I think the NBA is an f’ed up league? Fa sho.


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