I keep my body in very good shape. I eat a balanced diet, I run and I lift weights. I keep myself active to keep my heart healthy and to keep my body functioning at a high rate.

Every time I play a pick-up game of basketball, run, lift, or any of the three, I always consume water. I’m sure that to you it sounds like a healthy way to quench my thirst and replenish the cells in my body. However, I also consume a good ‘ol cup of coffee or some other source of caffeine not long afterwards. Caffeine quickly refuels muscles as well as hydrates you. I’ll explain.

Usually coffee, though. And a lot of my friends don’t understand why. They complain to me that it’s unhealthy, that the caffeine in coffee will have  a diuretic effect on my body and I’ll lose water weight and feel dehydrated soon after.

I call bullshit.

Yes, caffeine is a diuretic, and consuming a horde of it with no purified water at hand will cause you to eventually become dehydrated (depending on how strong the caffeine source is, too), but let me ask you a question: how do you make coffee? What is something that’s mandatory to morph coffee into a liquid?


When you do drink coffee, you retain over 70 percent of the water you consume. Doesn’t sound like much if a diuretic, huh? If you are so worried to that point where you are scared to death of the idea of drinking coffee, then why not have a bottle/glass or two of water nearby?


One thought on “The Over-Exaggeration of Dehydration due to Coffee

  1. I have always drank my coffee and other caffeine drinks as well as LOTS of water. I too was tired of being told that I was going to hurt my hydration. It is refreshing to see that the myth is finally being debunked. I actually had a kidney specialist at UCLA Medical Center tell me years ago that any non-alcoholic drink will help with hydration. This was in response to my mom (I was a young guy then) asking the doctor to tell me not to drink so much caffeine. Think I will go grab a nice cup o’ joe.
    Happy running,

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