Exercising your mind is virtually the same as exercising your body. You must take care of both in the same fashion. Your body can either be a fine tuned machine or a predisposed-to-being-decrepit caricature of what you want it to be.

Food is fuel. What you put into your body will not only affect your weight but also the way you feel. If you have cases of joint paint, headaches, etc., what you put into your body can drastically change the position your life is in. The same effects also work your mind.

Feed your body a quick meal of say an apple, banana and a handful of almonds for a quality mix of complex carbs, fiber, healthy [monounsaturated] fats, B vitamins, vitamin E and a horde of flavonoids and other antioxidants. What would ensue would be a successful output of energy, an enhanced mood and an aware mind.

Feed your body a bag of potato chips, a candy bar and a sugar-packed soda — three types of “junk food” that offer no nutritional value, just a horde of empty calories, unhealthy fat and insulin spikin’ carbs — and you’ll be crashing on the bed or couch afterward, before waking up not too long after in one of your “Ah, I don’t needa’ be doin’ that shit no more” moods.

To look good, you must first learn how to feel good. First, eat right. Second, exercise. Third, assert your habits as a lifestyle.

To think clearer, you have to exercise your mind. Read, write, and do everything you can to stimulate your brain. It’s practically a muscle that has to be used if you want it to do you good. If you turn it into some lackluster, nonexistent piece of matter due to hours of watching mindless television, how do you expect to achieve results in ways where your critical thinking skills must be pushed to the limit?


One thought on “Exercising the Mind

  1. Right, ugh… you are so right. This topic totally leads into how children today don’t know what being outside means. I know it is off topic, but it is so related.

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