A couple of years ago I made a post about how cool Dwight Howard’s dunks were (he won the contest that year) and how his “Superman” gimmick (which is still being anointed today, no doubt) was fresh. In that article I wrote about how that competition could have potentially brought back the dunk contest to the same pantheon that it once stood atop.

I didn’t even watch the dunk contest Nate Robinson won last night, nor have I even watched the highlights yet.

How did I know he won? ESPN.com. I wasn’t interested in seeing any of the contests dunks. Little Nate has now won three dunk competitions, and now, like many other basketball fans, are tired of his little “the midget can dunk, HOLY SHIT!” act. It’s tiresome. According to Tim Legler, Robinson didn’t pull off anything that would make your eyeballs jitter. Of course, Legler also picked Shannon Brown to win, the same guy whom he threw under the bus afterward.

The dunk contest needs NBA superstars. Not Nate Robinson, DeMar DeRozan, Shannon Brown or Gerald Wallace. The average basketball fan doesn’t give a shit about those four guys. Every NBA fan happens to give a shit about Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, however.


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