If you are a Rams fan, you have to wonder what’s actually going on inside of running back Steven Jackson’s mind. They have won less games each season since 2007, like they are trying to best themselves. Three in 2007, two in 2008, and one in 2009. How about zero in 2010?

Believe it or not, the team is actually getting better. With the coaching staff shaping up (I’m a firm believer that Steve Spagnuolo truly is the right man for the job), a search for a quarterback that has the ability to be a true leader (Marc Bulger?!!? No, throw his pansy ass in the garbage bin!), a search for a couple of playmakers to be added to the receiving corps, a shapely offensive line, and a quick hard-hitting defense to boot.

Stay away from injuries and everything should be ok, right? Hopefully so.

It’s not so easy, though. Team chemistry is in question. Receivers ran some ridiculously ugly routes last year, and whittling your quarterback staff down to your third stringer in Keith Null isn’t pretty.

Trusting in Marc Bulger is like trusting your great grandfather to run a marathon with you. An injury is likely. Trusting in Kyle Boller is like trusting every baseball player in the world to not touch any steroids whatsoever. That’s bullshit. Trusting in Keith Null is like trusting a 5-year-old to take care of you in reverse.

I’m not trying to be funny — I’m just being a realist here. The Rams are dysmal, and they are rebuilding. Hopefully Billy DeVaney doesn’t decide to bust up the coaching staff anytime soon. It’s going to take some time.

And, oh yeah, I’ll be watching every minute of the St. Louis circus.


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