Roger Goodell is popping a boner over his perusing of the idea to ban the 3-point stance in football.

Banning the 3-point stance would turn the NFL into more of a passing league, as offensive lines need to get into a 3-point stance to get a push for a run.

I understand the safety issues, but taking the 3-point stance out of football would be like banning posting up in basketball. You could still play the game, and it might even look the same, but the game would be tremendously different.

Why not ban onside kicks at the start of halves?

The above article from Bleacher Report was clearly written by somebody whose only experience at football is from playing the Madden NFL series.

I’ve got a better idea! How about we make all quarterbacks, punters and kickers wear red “no contact” jerseys? Even better: let’s make them all wear skirts — all of them adorning a Reebok logo, of course!

What kind of Sally Mary is running the NFL these days?

Next the NFL will be banning running fast and hitting hard.


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