With one billion viewers, apparently. But I say bullshit. Here’s the case from the site Wired.com:

This years’ Super Bowl was watched by a record audience of a billion people worldwide with a 106 million being from the United States. That means that 900 million non-Americans watched the Super Bowl which is more than the World Cup and Olympics combined.
The highest soccer game was the World Cup final with 725 million viewers.
Therefore while soccer may be the most played sport in the world (because its cheap and other countries can’t afford padding and helments like we can), football and the Super Bowl remain the biggest and most watched sports events in the world.
Is that the same “billion” that watches the Oscars? 


Let’s see the ratings.

And of course the Super Bore Bowl is a single sporting event unlike the World Cup and the Olympics. 

Apples and pomegranates.

The Super Bowl kicked off at 7 a.m. Monday in Beijing. I am sure the benevolent bosses of Chinese business gave all their workers Monday morning off to enjoy the American Super Bowl.


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