About Kobe and LeBron. Hell, Dwyane Wade too, for that matter.

I’m not speaking of those guys’ legacies until their careers are over with. Same with the NFL’s Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. I am so biased that my head is spinning. But let me continue, there’s a reason for this gratuitous bullshit esque post! I promise!

Over the three years of this blog’s existence, I’ve written about so many of these athletes in especially the NBA. I’ve compared them to all-time greats such as Michael Jordan (Kobe Bryant) and Larry Bird (LeBron James; uh, use the search engine). I’ve been burnt and dissed by several people who have left comments telling me what’s up. Many were right in what they said (providing me facts and “FU” comments along the way). Others were just full of crap.

Kobe and LeBron have their places in NBA history already, but they are still building their accomplishments, augmenting their skills as they age. Yeah, Bryant will be 32 in August, and while he’s up there in age, he’s practically an NBA “mathematician” when it comes to evolving and adjusting. He’ll be fine tuned and still able to run the gauntlet barring injuries. LeBron is only 25, and who the hell knows when he’s going to peak! He has several years left, barring injuries of course.

Instead of hyping up or blasting either two athletes, let’s watch their careers unfold, and if TSTOS is still rockin’ in say, uh, fifteen years, I promise all of you that I’ll write a post about both, and I’ll bring back this relic of a piece to provide the evidence for the time I say “Hey mofos, remember this?”

Until then, let’s hype up and bash athletes in unity as they lead different directions in their respective sports! Cheers!


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