All right, so the 2009-2010 Duke Blue Devils basketball program is the typical program you have expected over the past five seasons. Yes, above average, but to a limit. A limit that is pressed upon the fact that they’ll go down sometime around the sweet sixteen in the NCAA tournament, unless they are lucky to waltz farther.

The 2009-2010 North Carolina Tar Heels basketball program is atypical, however. They have sucked it up in their last 10 games. After starting something like 11-3, they are — I believe — 2-8 since. Abysmal and atrocious. That’s it. Not an A+ grade. More like an F. The kids from Chapel Hill are playing like middle schoolers against real college players. I know they are rebuilding and all, but their level of play up to this point has had to have been disappointing for Carolina blue fans.

And that’s why this year’s Duke/Carolina two game series has lost its luster. Well, at least it doesn’t appeal to me as much as it has in previous years. Maybe it’s because I really don’t give a shit as much as I used to. I mean, if Duke beats Carolina, there’s no surprise! Carolina sucks! However, even if Carolina “upsets” Duke (sure, it wouldn’t be a real upset, but if they do beat the ‘Devils, it will be pretty startling considering the way the Tar Heels have played), it won’t be all too noticeable. The rivalry has been strong for years.

I’m not saying the games won’t be close. I’m just saying that I’m not as interested in the rivalry as much as I was the past couple of years. Sue me.


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