For some reason everybody and their mothers are obsessed with President Obama’s opinions on sports. Wanna know what my opinion is (of course you do, or else you wouldn’t be reading this post)? Who cares?!

He was asked by one of the ESPN correspondants what he thought about the Super Bowl, and he said what any other gushy-mouthed, overly bullshittin’ politician would say: “They are both terrific teams (Uh, obviously), but I’m think I’m cheering for the Saints a little bit more, because of what they have done with themselves post-Katrina (he made it sound like a makeover in terms of losing weight and getting back on the right track like they are the Kristie Alley’s of the NFL!). They mean so much to the city of New Orleans (well, give me a couple of donuts and call me Charles Barkley, how can you exude more of a blatant showing of obvious comments?)

Nobody ever asked ‘ol Bush what he thought about sports, probably because he was too inept and simple minded to give a competent retort.

Because the Super Bowl is America’s newest de facto Holiday, I guess everybody gets a shot at emitting their opinion, even when nobody gives a shit.

(NOTE: I’m sure some gratuitious, self-righteous, PC idiot is going to comment this blog and tell me that nobody cares about my opinion and that I have no right to impart my thoughts on Obama’s thoughts on the Super Bowl, that not even an iota of the human population cares. But guess what, people? You probably do care if you are not only reading this but also commenting! Ah, people!)


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