I’m not going to sugarcoat the absolute truth: The North Carolina Tar Heels suck this year. You can call it a rebuilding year or just a year where nothing is going right, but they flat out suck! I’ve never saw a team that, after a year of winning a national championship by having such a polished game inside and out, fall so far from the Heavens when it comes to scoring in the paint. They look like they are playing a game of racquetball with the basketball by using their hands instead of a racket and using a basketball to bounce off the backboard, playing with their teammates as the opposing team tries to catch a rebound.

Hell, opposing teams don’t even have to try. The Tar Heels are so bad at getting the ball in right under the  basket, that they can follow up by ordering a bucket of popcorn (apropos to Terrell Owens’ “getcha popcorn ready!” mantra) and watching on as the little boys in baby blue blow a load of easy baskets.

Roy Williams must be growing balder by the minute. His eyes are probably transcending into two bloodshot beads as his mind becomes decrepit watching his piss poor of a college basketball squad botch everything.

I know that they’ll be one hell of a team pretty soon, and that they’ll get it together and give Duke a one up or two, but damn, they look awful! Plain awful! Warm up the bus and get the hell out! Just get the hell out! They are stinkin’ the place up!


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