Every time I see Tim Lincecum on television, I keep wondering how old the guy is, even though I already know (25), because he looks like a teenager who hangs around burger shacks and sips on milkshakes.

Instead of being the said teenager who hangs around burger shacks and sips on milkshakes, he’s an ass-kicking pitcher for the San Francisco Giants of the Major League Baseball. If you wanted a more pithy statement to sum up Lincecum’s abilities, sit down, because there’s nothing else that needs to be said.

He’s faced my St. Louis Cardinals four times in his career. Three times he’s stifled the Cards at Busch Stadium (most recently last night in a 10-0 Giants win). In total, all four have resulted in wins for Lincecum.

The sky is the limit for this guy.


3 thoughts on “Tim Lincecum is Relentless

  1. Not only is the sky the limit for Lincecum, but he’s turning in to a ‘complete pitcher,’ no longer just relying on his nasty heater and wicked curve. He’s methodically lowering his pitch count with every outing, notching up complete games on just 95 pitches while dominating the NL in strikeouts. No question who should be starting on the mound for the Sr. Circuit in this year’s All Star Game.

  2. It’s always great to see a young pitcher blossoming into a great one that everyone fears. I remember the early years of Pedro and Santana. They were great. The amazing thing is him and Matt Cain seem to be one upping each other each start this year. They create quite the duo.

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