LeBron James did his best to advance to the NBA Finals, but he was too alone. I give him credit for his effort and amazing plays, however.

Still, LeBron clearly lacks respect and fair play for his opponents. His walking off the court without congratulating the Cavs’ worthy adversaries is now a common course taken by LeBron, as he did the same thing last year after the game seven loss to the Celtics in Boston. I can understand that he is frustrated, mad, pissed, blustery, etc., but at least you can show some respect to your opponents. He didn’t say anything to the Magic players; he just walked off the court, with his head down. At least Kobe Bryant did hug the Celtics even after quitting on his Lakers while they were getting crushed by the C’s by 39 in game 6 of the NBA Finals in 2008.

Just another reason for the haters to be obligated to hate on LeBron, the ‘character’ as opposed to the player. Arrogant and disrespectful. (Cue in Jake Ball.)

If Bill Belichick does this and gets a lot of flack for it (Super Bowl XLII), then LeBron James should get flack for doing it too.

I’m sure he was devastated after not being able to even get to the Finals in his dream season. No ‘coronation’ this year. Oh, and all his fans whom are ‘witnesses’ are being bequeathed to a LA Lakers/Magic Finals.

It almost makes me feel bad for him. People expect so much from him and they put all of this hype on him, and at the same time he gets coddled by the refs almost ALWAYS getting favorable calls and never getting in foul trouble. The dude hasn’t learned how to deal with adversity yet. He hasn’t been given a chance to just play without people thinking he’s gonna be the man every night and downplaying his competition. You know, LeBron may be the greatest player on Earth right now, but he and his team would be a lot better without all of the hyping and the “Chosen One” bullshit as well as all of the blatant star-calls.

That said, if you are happy and willing to do all of the goofy bullshit — the clowning around with teammates, clapping powder into the air before the start of every game (stealing it from Kevin Garnett whom stole it from Reggie Miller), cheering and posing for pictures, all of that bullshit, then when you’re winning you should be prepared to act dignified when you lose. You can’t act the way LeBron (and his teammates) do when you’re winning and then just storm off the court when you face a disappointment like LeBron did tonight.

He’s only 25 years old, and he’s still a student of the game. Now heading to his seventh NBA season is November, the media is going to hound him the most they’ve ever done so. LeBron, you might as well ring up Kobe and ask him how he’s dealt with the myriad adversity that he’s personally faced since June 30, 2003. He’ll tell you: the psychological vices are a bitch. But worrying is only as effective as drinking spoiled milk with your cereal.


4 thoughts on “The Cleveland LeBrons Eliminated, Now Singin’ The Blues

  1. Last nite was a heartbreaker for me. And I agree with you on the adversity. He needs more of that. Those are things when it’s all said and done that are going to make his career. He really didn’t have a challenge the first two rounds and when the Magic gave him a game….each nite he shut down. I knew they were going to lose last nite just by his eyes. Look at the expressions on James last nite and Howard. Without looking at the jersey or the score, you knew the winner.

    Gonna be a long offseason but we’re use to those in Cleveland

  2. I can see why he walked off the court. His quote of, “you don’t shake the hands of someone who just beats you up,” makes sense. However, I can’t deny he was a sore sport. You said it best. They joke around when they win (practically rubbing it in their opponents face) but sulk off the court in losses.


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