The countdown has become for what has proven to be one of the most memorable playoff series in the history of the NBA. For fans of pure basketball, this past two weeks or so has been nothing short of spectacular – multiple overtimes, game-tying last second three-pointers, three players that needed stitches whilst the games are going on, flagrant fouls, two Huskies trying to outdo one another, flagrant fouls galore, and a great duel between two of the best point guards in the league.

Yes, it has really been that amazing. Whatever the outcome of tonight, or how that outcome will come about, it will not be an anti-climax. I don’t think it will be a disappointment if the Game 7 doesn’t have at least two overtimes and one last-minute clutch shot. What happened so far justifies the excitement this series has generated.

It’s less than an hour until gametime. Today there have been rumours about a possible KG appearance on the teamsheets. It would certainly be a welcome sight for the Boston faithful, but would also add a new dimension – as if it was needed in the first place – to the matchup.

For those with an emotional stake in the game — Yours Truly included — it will be another roller coaster ride of emotions. I predict the Celtics will win simply because of their superiority on paper. However, this series proved that what appears on paper doesn’t materialize in real life. Neither team deserves to go home early. But one will. I hope that team wears green — and not just on St. Patrick’s Day!


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