Derrick Rose is a beast. A man among men. A beast among nature that cannot be measured — unquantifiable, immeasurable. He’s a ubiquitous force on the basketball court, and he plays with the utmost animalistic tenacity and intensity that has ever been displayed by anybody — asides from Jordan, Bird and Magic — on the basketball court.

As a hardcore advocate of the San Antonio Spurs and Boston Celtics, the Celtics/Bulls games (one and two, at least) have been exemplary in the sense of calculating Rose’s ability to slice and dice all over the court. When he announced his declaration to the NBA Draft last year, I remember thinking how crucial it would be for the team to select at number one to snatch Rose. The Bulls received the opportunity, along with the Miami Heat, for the top two selections.

To many analysts’ dismay, the Bulls took Rose over Kansas State’s hot selection Michael Beasley. It turned out that Rose was the better choice, as Beasley is still a work in progress at the Dwyane Wade/Miami Heat Co. headquarters.

The pivotal first round series that is featuring the fiery, upstart Chicago Bulls and the battered down defending champion Boston Celtics is intriguing because of D-Rose. The B’s and the C’s are probably the two most recognizable NBA teams in the league (besides the Lakers). They — combined — have won 23 of the last 51 NBA Finals.

While the debilitated Celtics SHOULD win the series, it’s a learning curve for the Chicago Bulls’ young point guard. Perhaps a way to grasp the malicious mars that the playoffs can leave on a young millionaire like Derrick Rose.

Remember Michael Jordan’s 63 point performance on the ’85-86 Celtics (the NBA’s greatest team of all-time, thank you)? Exactly. Everybody who follows the NBA knows about it by watching videos or reading up on it.

Derrick Rose, that was the prelude.


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