What seems to be a mockery and a blunder of all things, it’s that Steven Jackson is being forgotten about. Not altogether. Just by the majority of sports writers and NFL pundits who are not mentioning anything about him. And when they do mention Jackson’s name, they do not speak of how he excels on the football field when there’s actually a cohesive offensive line and a confident, competent quarterback at the helm. They don’t speak of the myriad amount of hits he takes as soon as he receives the ball thanks to the o-line’s recent inabilities to hold up to protect him. They don’t speak of how poorly former head coach Scott Linehan headed the ship or the management difficulties that interim coach Jim Haslett had when he was trying to weather the storm in St. Louis.

Apparently, Jackson has a new personal trainer working with him, to fend off the injuries. To add to the positives, Jason Smith (offensive tackle out of Baylor) has just been added to the Rams as of about 30-some minutes ago during the NFL Draft.

I’ve been preaching this for years, but the inevitable truth still holds true to this day and forward: if the Rams are healthy, overall (especially the offensive line), they are practically a force on offense. But the ifs and buts play too much of a detrimental role when you try to balance proportions and you can’t say too much about what the Rams are trying to do (build a team that’s capable of winning in the post-season; of course, isn’t that every team’s goal?).

This season, it’s time for Jackson to prove to all the haters, doubters, nay-sayers or whatever you want to call the people to deign him, wrong. He can do it. He’s 6-2, 230-240-some pounds, and he’s one of the best versatility-fortified running backs in the league. He just doesn’t get as much credit, playing for a team that’s rarely on national television these days. And the people you see making opinions on Jackson are usually the ones who haven’t watched more than one and a half Rams games over the past two years.

Alright, Steven, be like Jim Morrison and pronounce: “I am the Lizard King. I can do anything.”


3 thoughts on “Steven Jackson: Just Fadin’ Away

  1. I am with you on Steven Jackson. He should be recognized for the ability he still has. By the way, I’m trying to find out if more fans prefer ESPN or NFL Network for coverage. Click educlaytion if you want to weigh in on the debate.

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