More and more often than not I will find myself chortling at all the LeBron James fans labeling themselves as Cleveland Cavaliers fans. They simply are not Cavs fans — they are LeBron fans. I know a few Cavs fans who have perpetuated the idea of being a fan of the team way before even the days of Zydrunas Ilgauskas or DeJuan Wagner. Those are the fans I respect and admire.

LeBron James entered the league as an 18-year-old out of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School (Akron, Ohio). Four years into his highly touted and voluptuously anointed NBA career, James and the Cavs (what an overused adage) stepped into the waters of the NBA Finals before being crushed by the San Antonio Spurs in a sweep (4-0).

Now in the 2009 post-season, the Cavaliers are expected to waltz their way into the NBA Finals again, considering the fact that they wielded the best record in the league this season. Several basketball fans (not basketball pundits or analysts, per se) think they’ll do it unscathed, since the Orlando Magic poise the only problem for them in the Eastern Conference. (With the Celtics being bludgeoned by injuries (Pierce’s knees, Leon Powe, Glen Davis), specifically to their star power forward, Kevin Garnett.)

All of a sudden all of these Cavaliers ‘fans’ start stepping out of the shadows. No.


I’m a LeBron James fan. I’ve been a fan of his every since he entered the league. He’s one of my favorite players in the league. That’s the same with a lot of people, yet what’s with the love for the team as a whole, when most of the people cannot even give you a full-blow synopsis of the entire roster? Phony, fickle ninny’s.

I wrote a Boston Celtics blog from 2005 until the end of the 2006 season (culminated in 2007). They won 24 games in 2006 — the second fewest in the league (only trailing by two losses to the Memphis Grizzles). About only five faithful every-day readers read the blog. Following the acquisitions of Kevin Garnett from the Minnesota Timberwolves and Ray Allen from the Seattle Supersonics, viewers skyrocketed and about 100 people started following.

I done away with the blog idea like the way Vince McMahon done away with the XFL (but my creation wasn’t such a failure as his to his own self-deprecation, but that’s a different story). I don’t care how you split it — I hate bandwagoners, fairweather fans or any kind of loopy people who know absolutely nothing about the game who bounce around on different teams like the way whores bounce around on ‘pogo sticks’. (Y’know what I mean, since I’m trying to keep this a little PG.)

I’m more objective these days, not caring who I take pot shots at. But, please, c’mon, get off the snide and quit it with all of the blatant bandwagoning. It’s worse than watching a WWE-made film. It’s surly-tempered ignorance.

But hey, do what you want to do. Allow yourself to appear to everyone just exactly what you are: a foul-thinking fool.


4 thoughts on “Will The Real Cavs Fans Please Stand Up?

  1. Anywhere you see a winning team you’ll suddenly see hordes of new “fans.” Nevertheless it’s cool to see something the city of Cleveland can get excited about.

    As for me, I’ve got the $10 nosebleed seat ticket stubs from the pre-Lebron years and the Terrell Brandon jersey (somewhere) to prove that I’m an actual Cavs fan. In some ways I miss those days. I used to go up to the Gund with a buddy, get a couple buckets of wings, and we could stretch out and have the entire section to ourselves. Not so much, these days.

    1. Thanks for the comment, John. I appreciate the adherence to the loyalty tidbit. I bet you’re irritated with all the bandwagoners, aren’t you? I’m from Virginia, and the amount of fairweather fans here is ridiculous. Most people are only LeBron fans, so I love it when any true Cavs fan steps up and admits of their favorite player not being LeBron.

  2. I don’t know. I really like LeBron – he’s the main reason I follow the NBA, and I’ve watched every Cavs game I could starting with the Cavs-Detroit series in ’07. That includes last season where the Cavs barely won 45 games and were very frustrating to watch. With Hughes and Gooden gone, I love all of the players on this team (especially Delonte West with the way he has dealt with his bi-polar disorder), and I could definitely give a very deep analysis of each of them…what kind of fan does that make me?

    1. Well, you became a fan of the Cavs because of LeBron, in which you were a LeBron fan before being a ‘Cavs fan.’ Since you cited that LeBron is the reason you are a Cleveland fan, that kind of elevates the LFT (LeBron Fan Theory).

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