Not only is Kevin Garnett missing for the remainder of the Boston Celtics’ post season, but so is Leon Powe. Hell, do you remember the 1987 Boston Celtics? A year after competing in their fourth consecutive NBA Finals appearance, the whole team fell to injuries. Larry Bird, debilitated to a pulp. Kevin McHale, skills eroded to a mere frazzle of what he was before. Robert Parish, a shell of what he was in previous years.

This is the end. . . my beautiful friend. The end. . . my only friend.

The 2008 Celtics ring a similar doorbell. They started off the year, posting a record that was reverberating louder than a baseball resounding off of an Albert Pujols-hit home run. Then it all deflated. Injuries. Paul Pierce’s knees have been a problem for quite a while now — he seems to be aging faster than Ben Wallace and Shawn Marion. Ray Allen has been the playmaker for the Celtics all season long, but he’s merely a jump shooter, and that’s that. Kevin Garnett was up and down all year long, and in the end, down for the count.

So it all paves the way for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers to take their sweet little time en rout to the Finals. Doesn’t look like Stan Van Gundy and the Orlando Magic can give them even a semblance of a healthy run. So that’s that.

But what amazes me is all the jealousy that’s directed toward the Celtics. It’s disturbing, yet laughable. Keep kicking them while they’re down, fools.

Can’t wait for Bill Simmons to write a novel about how he heard the news of Garnett’s and [Leon] Powe’s injuries, what his reaction to the news was and what his Dad and buddies had to say. Typical Bill Simmons bravado.

Hell, even the Sports Guy can be compared to the ’87 Celtics, seeing how he has considerably worsened as a writer ever since the city of Boston started getting hyphy over a myriad amount of championships, compared to his writing pre-October 2004. I hate the Boston Red Sox.

Does anyone else think that David Stern is secretly a corrupted, maligned, ornery-spirited mob boss on the run from the F.B.I with a secret identity on the other side of the green? Think about it. The guy is running this big ass organization with the NBA, and the more the superstars succceed, the more money he and the rest of his minutemen make.

It all sets up a Los Angeles Lakers/Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Finals.

And expect me to rant about how corrupt the NBA is at that point, if that does in fact happen. A burst of ratings, merchandise, etc. and it’s all to DAVID f’n STERN.

NOW YOUR 2009 NBA ‘CHAMPEEEEEEEEEEEN’ [inject eventual winners here].


One thought on “It’s 1987 All Over Again

  1. Yep I agree, isnt it funny how it feels like its going to play out to be Cavs vs. Lakers. Lebron Vs. Kobe. And last year it wasn’t a surprise that it was Lakers – Celtics. Sometimes I think the NBA is set up but whatever they are the best ballers in the world ha.

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