Let me just say I think it will be a cold day in hell before Derek Jeter says anything even remotely controversial about the A-Rod dealio, y’know? I think the day he throws someone under the bus is the day when the YES network receives higher ratings than American Idol.

With that said, it annoys me a little bit that the man would have you believe he’s:

A.) A robot
B.) Paid to say what everyone wants him to say
C.) Incapable of drama

Whatever the reason is, what he said in an interview about two weeks ago irritated me because I genuinely don’t believe he is so forgiving of steroids. For a man whom for all intensive purposes has been in baseball for over a decade, you would think that he would be much more supportive of baseball returning to a pure state. Call me crazy, but I really think that beneath it all, Jeter is a very self-motivated person whom makes a living off merely his image. If I blind-folded a baseball analyst, and repeated Jeters stats the last eight years of his career without actually saying who it was, they would say at best he was an above average player. The guy peaked in 1999 with 24 homeruns and 102 RBIs, and since has maintained respectable, but not amazing numbers. He is a gem defensively and he has won three gold gloves for shortstop, but still, there are many players who can say that.

I’m not trying to rip the man, but he is perhaps one of the quietest and non informative team leaders the game has ever seen. You know and I know that his opinion of A-Rod’s steroid use is much, much different than the one he gave the media two weeks ago. And what perhaps further upsets me is his comments on whether or not the other 103 names should be released. Wouldn’t having other players be outed relieve some stress on A-Rod being as he wouldn’t have been the boy on the chopping block for the entire game of baseball? Or are there other Yankees that would be included on the list? You would think that Jeter knows whom on the team has done or is doing steroids; is there someone that would be almost as controversial as A-Rod? Is that even possible?

At any rate, I’m glad that the media circus down in Florida has diminished somewhat. I’m sure Jeter got a thank you call from the players union for his supporting remarks as well. I can only hope that as the names from the list slowly get released, none of them incriminate the Yankees any further, or worst case scenario, Derek Jeter himself.


One thought on “This is Why Derek Jeter Pisses Me Off

  1. I could not agree more. Jeter is nothing but a media robot. He says what he knows people want to hear not what he really feels. I cannot understand why he says he does not think the rest of the names on the list should be released. For someone who pratically ranted about how every MLB player was not doing steroids and how he does not think they all should be deemed “tainted” just because of the ones who did; why does he think the rest of the names should not be released? In my opinion, that would clear up who is tainted and who isnt for sure. It would end all discussions. As long as those names are not public everyone is pretty much guilty. If he was so against steroids then he should have said that along time ago, instead he defended Clemens, Bonds, Giambi and everyone else.

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