Given that Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison is reluctant to take a paycut from his $13.4 million contract, a release from the said contract is highly possible.

If Harrison is released from his duties of playing in blue and white, why can’t he be seen in a red, white and blue jersey next year in Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, playing for the top rivals of the Colts, the New England Patriots?

If I were Harrison, I’d take the paycut if it were something like simmering his money down to $8 million. He’s not worth the $13 million anymore. Ever since the injury he sustained a couple of years ago in a game against San Diego, he’s been pretty inefficient, and this past season he only put up 600 receiving yards.

There are suggestions that Harrison could go to Philadelphia to play with former Syracuse teammate, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb.

At the age of 36 (he’ll be 37 at the beginning of the regular season), Harrison could resurrect his career. But he shouldn’t with the Eagles. He should with the Patriots. We see a lot of grizzled vets signing with the Pats. Junior Seau retired, then came back and told everybody at a press conference that he was just ‘graduating’, and rode the Patriots to an AFC championship victory in the 2007 season. Randy Moss, thought to be washed up after his skittish stint in Oakland playing for the Raiders, turned out to be the best receiver in the league in 2007 and put up highly respectable numbers in 2008.

Harrison could thrive in New England.

But there’s still the chance he could ultimately take the paycut in Indianapolis.

We’ll see.


One thought on “The Patriots Should Pursue Marvin Harrison

  1. Hey Troy… for the simple fact that you mentioned the rebirth of Moss is the reason Harrison shouldn’t go to the Patriots. I agree that he’d be useful somewhere, but to a place where he’d be useful. Harrison still has something to give…

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