. . . It ain’t to play games with you.

I’m back, or at least back long enough to promise everybody who reads TSTOS to expect at least 15 blog posts a month from Troy’s Thoughts on Sports for the rest of the year. I know my blog has been extremely slow since, pretty much, last June, and there’s no excuse for it (my excuse? sheer laziness), so I want to make amends for the past and make 2009 a year that will boost this blog further along, adding more and more content, meeting more and more people, and keeping those I have kept in contact with in tact.

Obviously I’m not going to catch February 2008’s total of 40 posts, but I am going to attempt to get 15 posts or over for this month. If it happens, sweetness. If not, allow me to guarantee that I’ll post 15 or more times the next month and every month after that for the rest of this year. That’s a feasible guarantee, right?

To try to mix in some sports with this post, I just wanted to add that Emmitt Smith was let go by ESPN the other day. This may signal to us all that their actually is a God (or is it just unclear cadence?). I’m going to be honest: I rarely watch ESPN for their NFL coverage, because personally I can’t stand Chris Berman, Mike Ditka, Keyshawn Johnson, Cris Carter, Merril Hoge — NONE of ’em. Emmitt Smith was the master of bastardizing the English language, screwing up every little catch phrase while making up his own. Sure, he’s a legend on the field, but sports broadcasting is too tough for the eight-time Pro Bowlers mind. Harsh? Sure, but c’mon, his sayings are ludicrous!

I would also like for everybody who visits TSTOS to check out SportsJabber.net. I don’t visit that site as often as I should, but they’re overly generous and have, hands down, the best sports community on the web.


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